Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sunday colors in our yard/forest

I hope you are not tired of pictures of butterflies. They catch my attention as soon as I walk outside on the porches. They are HUGE this year and so beautiful. I wish I could capture the whole bush of butterflies at one time with about 50 flittering around, it's so pretty. Today the sun came out. Yep, the sun. We haven't seen that in 2 days now. It flooded so much last night that Body Guard said the in town between two major food businesses there is a cave now. Like the cement just fell in like an earthquake. I will have to take a trip into town later to see this. Evidently there had been some underground deterioration in the pipe system for awhile and unknowing. I would have had a heart attack if I was eating across the street and saw that!  It just made national news, so you may see this huge disaster on CNN.

But aren't we blessed, so blessed with shelter and protection?

I think I will start naming these butterflies. I did get a closeup standing by the tree here.

and more feeding on the bush.

His eye is on the sparrow, so I know He watches me........remember that song?

One of the butterfly bushes in the the SUN!  YEAH!

We have definitely had our share of rain and moisture. Seems my rosemary is coming along well in it's new home.

This is the road to the road to the road to another road to our house.
There's no place like home.

A couple of few weeks back I threw some seed bags I got at Target into the flower holders and it has rained hard alot so this may be weeds. I don't know. I just want to use them up. But it was a bag of wildflower seeds. This one above is growing fast. Is this a lily pad? a weed? I'm not really into the names of flowers and knowing whether it is a weed or flower. But one lady up here told us when we moved to the mountans that the definition of a weed is "an unwanted flower". She loved all kinds of stuff. I think she may have been ON weed.......just joking.

This is the variety of wildflower/weeds coming up from the seeds.

These came back as a perineal. Don't know the name but I like them.

This man is begging for his 2nd meal of the day. He lives for food. Please don't freak out with him on the table. We don't eat on this table......LOL
No, we don't, Thomas does. Have you ever seen a cat so babied?  Well, I think all our furbabies are.
Yes, Thomas has his food on the table with cover if it's raining. Plus the Labs, Thelma and Louise, ie. Ruby and Raven, can't get to it as easily.....and they will try.

He made a mess of it today.
Hopefully, he's off warding away the rodents like snakes and mice for the homestead. He usually does a great job and sometimes brings us one for a present! I then scream loudly.

And while I'm in our sheltered, nice, cool house, I look over next to me and on the stack of pillows, is Abigail. She's taking a nap.....thank goodness.

Yesterday all day and night through the storms she clung to me like Velcro and I was trying to get some stitching done.
This morning woke at 11:45am. Yes, you read that right 11:45am. I have not slept that late in about 10 years. So, I'm ready now for the day at 1pm.
Missed the morning completely. But so glad for the extra rest even though it was half-filled with strange dreams about Brandon's toys he had when he was about 8 years old. Weird.

Till later,


  1. The flower you aren't sure of is portulaca. My great-grandmother had them and I thought I remembered the name (don't know how, when I can't tell you what happened yesterday! lol) so I looked them up on the web, and that's what they are. They like dry earth, and sun, and being neglected, so it seems like a good plant for brown-thumbed me!

  2. Jennifer, judging by the
    greenery, I think your
    pretty mystery flowers are
    portulacas. I grow them and
    the leaves look like the ones
    I have. They crave lots and
    lots of sun and dryness and
    don't like to be too wet.
    Everything looks so lovely
    in your yard.
    I love autumn and can't wait
    for the colors and crispness
    in the air, as you said the
    other day. It's my favorite
    Bless you,

  3. Your butterfly pic are lovely! I thing the lily pad leaf plant could be nastursiums and the flowering ones are portulacas also known as moss rose. They may not be spelled correctly, but you get the idea! Happy Sunday!

  4. Yes, portulaca, but I call them
    'rose moss' and have planted them
    in my strawberry jar - they do great in that!
    We have not had all the rain 'over the mountain' that you have had.
    We did get some last night, however.
    Saw Sonic made the national news with it's sinkhole! Don't fall in when you go to see it....!

  5. What beautiful photos. Simply beautiful. Especaill ythe sleeping princess. :) (I just LOVED the ones in the previous post. LOL)

    My gardens are in awful condition this year. between the lack of time to weed and the severe lack of rain here in NY eveerything is dying back. We had some rain last night and today but is it enough to really help? Only time will tell.


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