Sunday, August 15, 2010

Progress on Abigail Sampler

It's nice to take a break from the daily grind.
My office space gives me a spot to hang my
medical thinking cap for a few or a reading
room. No fanciness, and mostly messy, and
ever-evolving space of literature and work.
I found this pillow in needlepoint at a thrift store
for 5 bucks last year! I love it!

In my office space, I have all the pictures of my kids, big and small! This pic was taken at my old house in South Georgia. One of my faves as I used to play the piano for them to sleep at night sometimes.
Hoping they are happy now as young adults finding out what the real world is about like we all had to do in our 20's.  ;)

I can trade my office chair for my stitching chair and take a breather from scientific-evidence based practice to needlework, where there is no black and white view but creativity in progress. I love both and the balance between the two is sometimes tedious to find as I tend more to the creative part at this stage of my life.
I have many things to inspire my spirit as it flutters around the nest today.

so far, still working on this one.

just snapped a pic of Abbie, as she was asleep in the her favorite chair. Having a bad hair day?

I heart Abbie.  ; )

I think it's treat time now.


  1. Love the office space and abbie, too.

  2. Abbie is ADORABLE! tiny, tiny and oh so cute. :)

    It is amazing what one can find in a thrift store...great little pillow.

  3. What great pics.
    Abbie is adorable as always.

    I miss my Chaweiner. (chi- doxie mix)

    He did not know he was a dog. He was friends with the mailman.

  4. What a great pillow! Your office space looks so inviting.

    Abbie is just the cutest little thing!


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