Saturday, July 17, 2010

The week....from.....a hot place

This week at work is likened to that of swimmingdrowning and coming up for a draw of breath ever 4 hours. Beyond busy.
 Body Guard is home now, thank goodness. No more nights of staying up till 3am. I do not stay by myself well and can't even remember another time I was, so thank goodness he is now certified in another area of work and thank goodness he is home. He can teach Traffic Control Design now......whatever that is. He says to tell all, There's No Place Like Home.......LOL

He visited Nashville Tennesssee for his training this week and saw the airport side of it.
That's one place I want to go one day but visit the music part of it. I have it on my bucket list.

The weather man predicts rain today in the afternoon and tomorrow to relieve the hot mountains of the heat.
Stitching to ensue later this evening/night after getting all my chores done, or at least half done.
My cup of regular Lipton's tea holds the secret juice to motivate my scrawney legs today, the helper of my stiff joints like a tin-man, along with arthritis medication. Yep, I do believe rain is coming today. I can feel it in my joints.

Today, I am going to attempt to sew a cover for an outside cushion. I've had the fabric a year so I think it's time to brave it. I also have a project of sewing going on for 2 panels in the kitchen cabinets....a bit prim I think, but I like the cottagey look better.

Because yesterday was a grueling 11 hour day of.....I can't go into it.......I came home and didn't even look at the computer and went comatose on the sofa thereafter. I dreamt that I declared July as the National Month of Yeast Infections.

Today I will use the Random Number generator to see who will win the Sallie's Feather Tree sampler by Carriage House Samplings and the Hardwick Scissors from Kelmscott! Thank you to all for participating!!!!

Back to the hot and steamy day while the sun is still out~~~~


  1. what a beautiful scene in the pic you included today - even if it is hot...beautiful!

  2. Great pic! Can't wait to see who the winner is!!


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