Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Thank you all

Busy, busy day at work, with commute-- 11 hours. I'm tired exhausted.

I got a hanging wrought iron primitive candle holder this week, quite skinny and I'm sure it has a name but my mind is too exhausted to remember. Finally decided to light the candle just because it was a new candle and I have a strange weird way of having to light all new candles, if only a brief moment if they are new. There's just something about a candle that's never been lit in the homestead. I know.......that's strange...I digress.....

I stepped back to look at it.

the little glow was nice and peaceful

Looked to the left and the clock was exactly the same time as last week when Ren drew his last breath.
Strange feeling. I didn't really plan to light the candle at that time.

  I picked up the mail from the box a few minutes prior and had just opened this:

His vet staff that took care of him for 9 years. I forgot that I had called them the next day to let them know what had happened. Unfortunately, we had to take him to an after hours clinic but this is the staff that knew the little man. Very touching that they would send a card all signing, his 
Doctor in the center of the card.
His Doc that when last examining him with the stethoscope, said "Every day is a good day for little Ren".

As I pull the curtains, I can still see where he is rested.
I miss giving him part of my supper.
Sad moment that I know will pass.

It's been a long week. Exactly one week, with the first 3 days after, a blur.

But then, I hear a little bark and my mind comes back to remember, Miss Abigail Renee still carries the love in this house and many days of play with her and sweet memories of Ren are ahead of us.

Below is  a pic from 2 years ago. Ren could be quite comical at times in pictures. ;)

 I'm sure he's winking like this at Rainbow Bridge at all of the caring souls who have sent so many loving thoughts and words of encouragement during this difficult time.

We all thank you so much.

And Auntie Parsley, we thank you special!

Well, off to Abbie, who is burying all her "dingie wingies" she has saved for later, in the quilt beside me.
She is a hoot!


  1. One day at a time...

    Your new candle is delightful. There was a reason God placed it on your heart to light it at that time.

  2. Awwwwww, I'm melted with the card of the vet staff, it was really sweet of them, it was really touching, they were his other family... I was tearing reading your post, I adore the pic of Ren winking at us, it's lovely!!!, I'm sure he's winking, wagging his tail and barking at us now!!!!, and Auntie Parsley's so sweet :)! <3

  3. How special our pets are to us - they are part of the family after all. I still miss our cat Max, who we had to put down when he was 22 because of a tumor in his neck. That was 15 years ago now and well, it's hard. Other fur babies do help. Take care, Tanya


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