Monday, July 12, 2010

Monday Mail

Yep, Monday as usual as the alarm went off way too early at 6am. Back to work today.
No stitchy time at lunch as catching up for a week off was nearly impossible.
However, when I got home, the mail had a pleasant surprise with threads of the colors I ordered for a sampler I've had for quite some time and did not have the threads. I LOVE Crescent colors floss. The names are luscious. I also ordered Week's linen, Linen.  Yes, that is the color name, Linen.

Eye candy for me at the end of Monday work day.

Now I'm really in ADHD mode at which one to work on. Probably, just anything beside a stitching rut.

While I watch Nancy Grace and her crime fighting program tonight, I will work on ====


Ok, this this one......uhhhhmmmm......maybe this one........really! I have several all started now and need to busy myself with at least one tonight.
Hope your Monday went well today and your day is as colorful as mine~~~ with more focus! LOL

Reminder that the Sallie's Feather Tree and Kelmscott Scissor Give=a=way ends on the 15th, if you are interested, see the side bar for details. The month of July is flying by.

till later,


  1. What a fabulous way to end your day - with stitchy goodness in the mail! Enjoy!

  2. Cool new stash. I love those threads so much and I like that fabric too! You sound so much like me - I pulled a bunch of designs out and am having the hardest time picking out what I want to start first.

  3. Linen linen....Looks awesome!! I have not seen it in person, but that photo you have makes me want to go out and purchase!!

    LOVE the floss colors too~~ Are we aiming for something a little more fall-ish???

    Will wait and see~~ Take care, Faye

  4. Beautiful floss!

    You definitely gave me a chuckle with your ADHD moment...but which one did you choose?! LOL

    Have a great week!

  5. I honestly am trying hard to like one over one on 32 count. Is that crazy? My
    lazy eye from childhood is returning....I feel it...with glasses and a lighted magnification! LOL

  6. What a fantastic way to end a Monday! The colours in the threads are just beautiful - which to choose???

  7. Love those threads, oh the wondrous colors we are blessed with!


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