Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Part 1~~~ The old General Store--Dahlonega, Georgia

If you head to North Georgia at any point in time, don't miss out on visiting the General Store, right smack in the middle of town on the square.... or the "scwore" as they say here.
But if you can't, just take a peak here at a few shots of the little quaint town in the mountains.
My lunch was a visit at  the General Store and asked the owner if I could take some pics. There are tourists taking pics, but wanted to make sure. Yes!!!

So, enjoy a few pics. Not your usual lunch break.

The square is quaint and very pretty, of course with the old Courthouse in the middle of the square.

And here is the Old General Store
It's a walking experience.
It has a few "unusual" items. Like pheasant pelts for sale.
A lady in front of me was trying one on as a hat and I said, "you go, girl!".

And if you want a cup of coffee. It's in line with the economy.

I passed on the caffeine for gosh, knows, I don't need any more energizing juice.

You can stand and watch the piano play you some old tunes automatically.

And look at the hats! Ok, this is a bit Guns N Roses type thing. I confess, I bought one of these hats. You will see later, stay tuned. The lady asked me if I wanted it in a bag or to wear it. I don't think my afternoon patient's would like me wheeling in the room with a cowgirl hat on but maybe I'm wrong.........
I could say, "Howdy!"

I thought Body Guard would love this bumper sticker for his work vehicle. LOL

And I almost felt like getting one of these walking sticks with arthritis today but resisted.

They have walls and walls of old signs. Love them! Some I can't put on a public domain.
But here's a couple of Barney. He's dedicated to duty.

This woman has been here forever. She is a wax figure, I guess but scares me every time I see her.
Here's a closer look. Her hands even look like old hands.....wait.  My hands are starting to look like that!

And remember these machines?

yep, 1.25 a pack.

There is also a T-shirt wall and here are some of the old signs.

Interesting 30 minute lunch for the introvert part of me. I needed a little humor to lighten my week. You can't walk out sad, that's for sure.

One of my favorites.
I will have to say, I love Dahlonega and it's part of my heart.
For lunch, just went to a local grocer and got fresh white bread and Helman's Mayo and enjoyed some sliced, home-grown tomatoe sandwiches with chips. Lots of salt and pepper. It doesn't get better than that in the Summer.
Hope your day went well and you took a few minutes out to have some fun.........

till later,


  1. Jennifer it looks like a beautiful part of the world!

  2. Makes me want to come and visit!!!

  3. Just a historical note on the building in the center of the square. It was a US Mint for the gold rush. They made gold coins there in starting in 1836. Dahlonega a word from the Cherokee language, means "yellow money".

  4. Part of me thinks that pelt is disgusting and another part wants one! :P

    Fresh tomato sandwiches sound so good! :D Yum; I do love the taste of mayo with tomatoes. :)

    I would totally buy a walking stick--even though you're "supposed" to find one and clean it yourself. :P

  5. I remember that place! Hubby and I visited a few years ago and even visited the museum, which did a wonderful presentation on Dahlonega's gold mining history!

    I remember there being a replica General Lee in the square that day and we joked that you would only find that in the South!

  6. Tomato sandwiches....yum, haven't had one yet this summer....sounds like a weekend plan!!

  7. Thanks for sharing a bit of your town! Small towns are simply the best!

  8. Wow! That looks like a ton of fun! I love old-timey places like that!

  9. After reading your post, I had to look to see where Dahlonega is in relation to Augusta... and in searching the map, I saw so many names of places my forebears lived! Wow! Next time I go visiting, I may have to see your town! Hugs.

  10. hey Maggee, I actually live about 25 miles from there. I work there in a clinic once a week. The other days are in another town. So commuting is my life! LOL


  11. I was in Dahlonega for a bridal shower not long ago. We enjoyed a walk around the square and loved the General Store. Let's not forget to tell your bloggers that the first gold rush in the ole USA
    was in 1828 in Dahlonega!
    No, you can't beat a good tomato sandwich...
    Best to you!

  12. Loved this post. I wanna come visit now.

  13. It's a small world afterall.......


  14. I see it's the first post of the town, I'd love to see more :D. I really liked this post, it seems the city's stuck with the time, I want to go thereeeeeeee!!!

  15. DD goes to school at North GA ~ we absolutely love love love Dahlonega!


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