Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sunday Summer Scents

Sunday morning.

Enjoying the scent of Orange Creamsicle through a tart warmer. I remember the "ice cream man" as he strolled though the neighborhood when I was growing up. His tinkly music van,  full of ice cream treats was a sure sign of Summer.

These are GREAT!  I like this much better than candles to infuse the house with great aroma.
I have another smaller and taller tart tin warmer and used Fresh Country Cotton in it and it's heavenly to put in the bedroom. I purchased my tart warmers from a local Primitive store and haven't regretted the purchase one bit! The little bulb in the bottom is changeable and I honestly haven't had to change one bulb in my old one yet, so they last a long time. The top part is a tin plate that is removable and the tarts will last 2-3 times. Then when hardened, you can just pop them out as they are solid again and pop 2 more fresh ones on it and enjoy.

I'm enjoying a pot of decaf tea. I went ahead and made a big teapot full as I will enjoy throughout the day without the jitters of caffeine.

I think I've caught up from my last week's loss of sleep this weekend and finally felt rested this morning when I woke.  

Enjoy your Stitchy, Summery Sunday!
There's No Place Like Home.


  1. The ice cream truck still goes by where I live. It would definitely be a lot healthier to just enjoy the scents though. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I enjoy your posting. Summer is glorious. I try not to complain about the heat because I know that soon I will be freezing in a Chicago winter. Winters here are long. I enjoy the autumn though. Please take a look at my blog

  3. Okay...I'm sold. Where do I get one of these 'tart warmers'?


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