Saturday, July 24, 2010

Frozen Friday Flashback

Remember this in February?

Yep, I remember the frozen commutes home in the dark. I just can't get myself to say
Brrrrrrrrr    right now though.

It might be the major hot flash in the airconditioning I'm having right now.
Or that the humidity is thick.
But one day, we'll all be so glad again for warm hot days.


  1. YIKKKEEESS.... That hurt my, Man oh man, that frigid weather will be back way too soon....I'll keep my humidity for a while longer, thank you very much~~

    Stay cool, Faye

  2. Summer is my least favorite
    season. It has been in the
    90's here for days. We don't
    even want to step outside the
    front door unless we hurry to
    the car and turn the air on.
    Personally, I'm waiting for
    my favorite season--AUTUMN!

  3. We complained about all that snow and cold but it sure looks good right now in the midst of all this heat!

  4. I definitely remember when I was complaining about the cold and all that rain that when summer came I would be sorry! Now it's 100 degrees and we haven't had rain in many days!
    I agree, fall is my very favorite season, only it doesn't ever seem to last very long here in northwest Georgia!
    Stay cool....


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