Thursday, July 22, 2010

I have butterflies

I am extremely fascinated by butterflies.  Luckily when we moved here to the woods, we already had two very large "butterfly bushes" planted right outside the windows and since that time they have grown the largest this Summer than I've ever seen. They hold the nectar which draws the butterflies to linger for hours.

Even though I have always been amazed at butterflies, I really know little about them. I just know they are pretty, different, variable in color, and relaxing to view.
Today, I didn't even go outside. But, I watched the many butterflies, fluttering around the bushes.
Recently, I learned they also are attracted to Lemon Balm herb plant, which is something I just put in a big tin outside on the front porch.

The butterfly really had more meaning to me when, in the 90's,  I  joined a group called The Compassionate Friends and served on the board for our area. This group is an international support group for helping bereaved parents. The Butterfly is the symbol for TCF.

This is the Monarch Butterfly and is probably about 50% of the ones I see fluttering around in our yard.
I read alot today and found out that the Monarch ones migrate large distances.

As you probably know, butterflies start out as catepillars and even as a wee girl, I was amazed at catepillars. Probably the only "insect" I didn't scream at.
I learned today through reading that catepillars have the ability to inflate their heads like snakes when they feel threatened and also can have spots as well.
They also produce toxins that help them survive from predators.

In doing so, they transition into beautiful butterflies with wings that look like stained glass at times and capture the eyes of many nature-lovers.
Some butterfly wings have more distinct boundaries than others.

The contrast of those boundaries lend to a beautiful appearance.
Some butterflies also have organs of hearing, something I didn't know until today.

As much as I like butterflies, I have never stitched butterflies. I have several patterns that are very detailed but have not stitched them.
Maybe it's time to browse through some butterfly motifs.

For when I see them, they remind me that they are gifts to us from the Maker and only He could make such beautiful, functional, detailed, and symbolic creatures.

Hope your day went well.


  1. Hi Jennifer,
    I think there are more butterflies this year than I've ever seen - or been aware of. Usually we have the little white butterflies that flit about but monarchs have been all over the place - gorgeous!!


  2. I agree. I first thought we had more because the plants are bigger but I have seen them in all colors this year. I don't know if all the heavy Spring rains made a difference but they are very pretty to watch. I saw some blue ones, solid light yellow, then the Monarch ones and gray with blue tinged wings. It was a show indeed. I took that first pic through the window!

  3. Jennifer,
    Mirabilia has two charts featuring butterflies that are stitched with hand-dyed threads and beads that you might like. One's called "Butterflies of the Meadow" and the other is "Butterflies of Gold".
    We've had a few gigantic yellow butterflies in our yard this year. I don't know what kind they are but they're absolutely huge and send my cats into a tizzy.

  4. Absolutely beautiful! I have
    seen more butterflies this year
    than ever before, too. They are
    everywhere and I just love it.

  5. Beautiful picture! I love flutterbies! They are so calming and peaceful. I have several butterfly bushes also. I can't wait to see what you stitch with their motif!

  6. ...and amazingly, I have not seen but two in my yard so far? The Black Swallowtail is threatened with extention so ea year I plant Italian(flat leaf) Parsley for them and morn you awaken and it is covered with a little flat blackish catapillow...through the gift of parsley eating, it becomes a very large Green Worm...who disappears to wherever it goes to hang safely(or not) for its Crystalisis Stage to unfold into the beautiful black and yellow butterfly:) plant some, perhaps you two can be graced with them.
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos and info. ~Gail

  7. I love butterflies! They remind me of my Aunt Susan, a fellow stitcher and butterfly lover. Have you seen "Butterfly Quaker"? I recently discovered it, and it is GORGEOUS! If you are interested in stitching it, let me know and we can do a SAL!


  8. I love your capture of nature...Those butterflies are oh so beautiful...and VERY plentiful here in the Carolinas this summer for some reason....

    Thanks for visiting my blog Jennifer..I always look forward to the comments!

    Always, Faye


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