Thursday, July 22, 2010

Essentials, in perspective.......

I have to laugh because if not, I think I will cry in this economical job craziness right now. The ripple effects are far-reaching right now and the atmosphere of work is like pins and needles wondering if there will be job cuts. People are being sent home during the day now. It's brought folks, ordinary working folks, down to the level of Maslow's basic need.....survival in the environment of ........craziness. Simple chaos at times. I just remember and say, "I'm a survivor, I've been there and done that, got the T-shirt, the mug, and the banner for it" and keep going". But,like many others out in the dog=eat dog=world, it's quite draining. Thank goodness I have some things that came in the mail that brightened my day.

I'm trying to go on a stash diet gradually as I have alot of patterns and supplies but these caught my eye and I splurged on the new Kelmscott scissors, The Lace Scissors to add to the collection. I really like Kelmscott scissors for several reasons. First, the cost is low, compared to many others. I saw a pair of embroidery scissors last week on Ebay that sold for $325.00!  WWWWWWWWWWWWOE! Never would I do that but I guess it's nice for those that can.

These are from the Sampler Girl Webshop. I just opened them in the mail tonight after a very long stressful day at work. Second, they are small and travel-friendly and almost exhibit an antique look.
A close-up pic:

The drawstring bag was unexpected and most loved to carry them in. Thank you, Tanya.

The other mail piece that I ordered over a month ago on Ebay was a new garden flag as our present little one says "Welcome Spring" right now.....a little behind, I know.

I love the colors and the Prim look. Can't wait to put out in the yard tomorrow!

And Miss Abbie received 2 new T-shirts from a friend at work. A lovely surprise waiting for me on my computer station where I type in patient reports. Thank you, Connie.

Both are very cute and I will try them on her tomorrow on my "recuperation from work-day off"

Even through all the chaos and stress at work, I lunched with this for 20 minutes and put a few more stitches in. I definitely will be measuring and cutting this tomorrow. The large piece is heavy and dragging when I stitch. I think it will be better cut to size with a 3 inch allowance.
Tomorrow I have alot of catching up to do. I've met many kind new people through this blog and need to visit and read their blogs.

I think dogs feed off their owners energy and tonight, Abbie has been on overdrive constantly, probably sensing anxiety from the busy week. This is hour 6 and she is still running, jumping, going in circles, chewing, licking, and never still. I have not seen her this way for this long.
Tonight I gave her some salt and vinegar potatoe chips and she absolutely loved them. Probably not healthy for a snack but she looks now for them constantly. LOL

Have a peaceful night's sleep,


  1. I've had my eye on those scissors for awhile now,I think they are so cute. Love the garden flag and Abbie is sure to look cute in her new t-shirts :)

  2. I love the new scissors! Very chic! I like Kelmscott scissors alot too. The Tshirts for Abbie are adorable!

  3. Salt and vinegar chips are my favorite. your stitching is lovely, those scissors are a collectors dream and the doggie shirts are too cute. thanks again for being part of my day.

  4. I know what you mean about the assed stresses of this economy. I'm am glad you were able to find something at the end of the workday to help you de-stress. Those scissors are just adorable. And the shirts for Miss Abby are too cute. I can't wait to see her in them. :)

    Enjoy your day off.

  5. I love that - "stash diet" I need to do that too. And I love the new scissors! Kelmscott is one of my favorites too.
    I hope you post pictures of Abbie modeling her new shirts :-)

  6. I love the new scissors! Very eye-catching! The garden flag is full of wonderful colors and I am sure that Abbie will love her new shirts. Way to go on getting a few stitches in on your new sampler. When the times are crazy, a few stitches is the equivalent of a few hours! I look forward to more progress pics!


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