Friday, July 23, 2010

Starting the Dog Days of Summer in the South

Yep, I do believe it's the beginnings of the dog days of Summer here in the mountains.

The Labs shed their collars somewhere in the past few weeks and we have to get new ones. They have ID microchips, but we need to get more collars back on them.
Ruby and Raven are sisters. Ruby born before Raven and they are about 6 years old now. Unfortunately we were not even celebrating their birthday during the first week of July because of Ren's death but these girls are like Thelma and Louise. They usually have a mission.  And usually that involves the ducks at the pond down below and a long swim in the Summer, then a good belly roll in the red Ga. clay! :o

Well, as I was raised in South Ga, I think the Summers here are pretty mild. But, I have to admit today's humidity was so thick that my camera lens kept fogging up when I went to take a picture.
Reminded me of Waynesboro, Ga. where it's 100 degrees by May 1st every year.
I don't miss that  AT ALL!

But here, we'll have about a good month before the nights will get less humid and cooler again.'
Until then.  HOT!
This is the pic I was taking before I realized how fogged the camera got.
So here it is again after wiping it off.
yep, about the time I'm taking the pic, I get breathed-on by this:
so I hold my leg out to take the rest and hope that her breath is not going through your computer right now or you'll run and shut it off immediately!

Gosh, Raven, what did you eat today??????  Yuck!

Our Prim American flag has faded in the sun.

Thomas is keeping watch over all the over grown weeds. He is hoping for a frog tonight. He better not bring me another baby snake.
In fact, I read that you need more than 1 cat if you live in the woods to help keep snakes away.
So, I've finally convinced Body Guard to go to the humane society and adopt a light gray kitten soon!!!
I can't wait.  I bet Thomas can though. But he is getting pretty lazy in his age and we need another to tend to the outside of the house.

yeah, right. He is going to check out the rest of the porch.

He's our mountain lion.

who watches over delicate things like this rose in the garden.

And I watch over this other lion-of-the-house, spoiled and loving it, girlie. ;)

This quilt is her favorite spot to rest while I'm stitching or blogging.
She's getting ready to watch the news with me now.
It certainly is cooler in the house than outside, actually the thermometer says 86 degrees but the humidity is the highest ever today.
But, I can't complain because after supper, BG and I had a craving for a Dairy Queen Blizzard and we both tried totally new flavors. I got Strawberries and Vanilla Oreos and he got a Pecan Pie Blizzard.
I think I liked the Strawberry best and he did too.
Talk later


  1. Hi Sweetie:
    When it's that hot outside around here, I don't fight it. I stay inside as much as possible. It was so humid here that all our doors and windows fogged up.

    Kes got a new flea/tick collar and a Revolution treatment after I pulled a stinkin' tick off her. They love hot, humid and wet (it's been raining, too!) At thirteen, she doesn't leave the house without me. When we go for car rides, she gets her travelin' collar with her ID on it. Just a little "extra" in addition to her chip. When she knows we're going for a ride, she darn near jumps into her collar! Cute for an old girl.

    Have a fun weekend. I'll be back to check in again soon.

  2. It was hot here today too in Chicago. We had some high winds and a bit of a storm. Now, it's supposed to cool off to 88 degrees tomorrow. I love your pictures. Can't wait to see your new adopted kitten.

  3. Your new flag looks great. The pictures of your 4 footed family are so cute. Our baby Rebel will get her fur clipped this weekend. It was 100 degrees here in central Alabama today. To hot for outside.

  4. I'm glad you're getting another
    cat. Please take pictures of
    it when you can. I love cats
    and dogs soooo much!
    The heat is horrible here, too.


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