Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Yesterday's Adventures continued.......

Ok, please don't laugh but as sad as I was coming back home, I perked up quite a bit when we were cutting through country roads and in Homer, Ga. which is about 25 miles from our house and if you blink, you would miss the little town.  It's pretty desolate out at Homer and I think the first time I ever saw Homer city sign was the day I used Google map to get the shortest route to the Athens Ga. Dept to take Meghan for her driver's license at 16. (another story for later).  That's been awhile....

anyway, I couldn't believe we had to stop the car at a snail's pace because a big beautiful peacock was strutting down the middle of the highway!  BG was driving and I said, "Stop, stop!  I've never ever seen a peacock this close." I've seen them in pictures, movies, and samplers of course but not face to face.
I think their colors are so pretty and I didn't have my camera with me, only my cell phone which I know very limited information about my phone.....not too much a chatter on the phone.
Luckily it was charged up!!!!  LOL
So, we tried to get a pic through the windshield but he kept walking steadily and I finally got out and then BG slowly drove behind me. I followed this silly peacock up the road about 1/2 sandals. Finally, I just took my sandals off in the road and kept going behind him to get a good pic.
The colors are not too good but you can see our little adventure:

a bit giddy, I was, and through the windshield not a good pic
then out the car I popped and

the road was a bit rough without shoes.......LOL

still walking, now trotting...... see the railroad ahead?

he kept going and I kept going slow and steady to get closer.
by this point BG pulled over to the side of the road and just watched me.
He does that alot. He knows when I'm excited about something just to let me go and do my thing!

Peacock and me......crossing the tracks

he looked back a little and kept going and I followed. I wanted to get a pic of his beautiful colors.

to tell you the size of Homer......not one car passed us the whole time.

he finally stopped and I got a better pic
I started getting visions of linen and Crescent colors and maybe a design or two floating in my head. I think Presidential Blue would have described his body color perfectly.

where this peacock came from is a mystery but he had the most brilliant blue head and body and his tail was pretty and LONG but I couldn't get the pic clear as I was excited. He walked as if he was very confident in himself and owned the highway.

So who would have thought you would see this in a little bitty town in the mountains?

BG came and picked me up and he was amazed at my running down the road to get this peacock pic.

Isn't he pretty?
A first up close with a peacock, age 46. A true Feathers in the Nest moment.
 ; )


  1. Fantastic!

    We had a visitor in the flower shop last night: a yellow cockatiel or cockapoo, or some kind of pet bird that lost it's family.

  2. I just love that! Like a little gift of nature to you.

  3. wow, wild peacocks! what great pics and an even better post!

    Hugs, sweetie
    Ma TK

  4. Beautiful!! the last picture you took is great :)

    Take Care

  5. What a cool thing! Too bad he didn't strut his tail feathers for you!

  6. What a fun and beautiful experience. I love all the photos and your telling the tale. It felt like I was right there with you. :)

  7. What a tracker...great work and such a beautiful ending. Thanks for sharing.


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