Friday, May 7, 2010

Friday Flashback

I'm usually talking about stitching or kids or puppies but this Friday Flashback is going to be this little boy:

A stubborn little boy, but cute as can be. Raised in a Dutch community, South Holland, Illinois near Chicago.
He was the baby.

I was in kindergarten when he was in middle school. Two different cities. Two different states. Never knew each other at that time. But I guess God knew our destinies.

Tough exterior, but inside a sweet heart (most of the time)...LOL

yep, this is my hubbie. I could just pinch his little cheeks in this picture.

His elementary school and middle school pics.

which leads to his mama when she was about 3 or 4 years old. And now she is almost 92 years old.

My mother-in-law, Evelyn.  She has the spirit of a 30 year old still. She is fun to be around and I miss her dearly. We didn't get to go to Chicago in December and I miss it so much.
She had 3 boys and 1 girl and was the Boy Scout mom and enjoyed tatting and does alot of cross word puzzles. She is still able to enjoy most things and loves to do the daily newspaper cross work puzzle. In fact, she has to do the puzzle.
Last time we were there for a visit I was stitching Quaker Christmas and it was her 90th birthday. She started saying the alphabet in German while she was watching my stitch letters on my sampler.

We took her to the Olive Garden and celebrated with a glass of wine, which she does not usually drink.
She was a happy lady. She said with her arm in the air......"WOO HOO"!
So sweet.
Hope to see her again soon.
I have to thank her for her son, my husband, who is my soulmate.
Happy Mother's Day Evelyn!

We need to have another glass of wine and share a few more stories!

Hope to see you this summer!


  1. What a wonderful tribute to both your husband and your mother in law! She's a beautiful woman!

  2. Oh my heart is racing! I think we are related somehow. My great aunt is Cornelia Dalenberg. My great grandma is Eva Dalenberg. I grew up in South Holland. I think my Mom knows your mother-in-law. Does your mother in law knit a lot? I grew up in South Holland and went to the First Reformed Church there. My maiden name is Laura Jacobs.

    I have been reading your blog for sometime and love it. Your music has inspired me and I got Eva Cassidy's CDs totally because of you! I also just ordered an Emmy Lou Harris one just because of you!

    This is exciting!!!!

    I now live in Downers Grove, IL with my husband Mike. As you can see from my blog I love to cross-stitch too!!! and read!!!! Hope we can get in touch!

    Laura Duet

  3. Great post! You are so double blessed to have both an awesome hisband and an awesome MIL :) You deserve both.

    Hi Evelyn :)

    Hugs, Peaches and thanks for sharing the beauty of your life, with your friends.


    PS: Not too late to join the Quaker Hornbook :) hint hint


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