Sunday, April 11, 2010

I'm always starting something.........

I went ahead and got a little feel of this 18 count Lambswool linen. I'm following Tanya's

directions to stitch over 2 with 3 strands of threads.  At first I was hesitate about the large

 count as I haven't stitched 18 count in about 10 years, but I do like the look as I'm going

 here and especially on the linen. It's rustic, prim, sweet.

So, I just started a little here while I watched 2 Lifetime movies. It's a lazy Sunday.

The fabric is pretty stiff, almost canvas-like and reminds me of needlepoint.

A Sweet View

Designer: The Sampler Girl

18 ct Lambswool Linen

3 over 2

Rusty orange homespun fabric quarter will back this pillowkeep

New stitching stand........priceless

Hope your Sunday is full of blossoms too!


  1. Looks super, Jennifer. I LOVE that fabric and need to use it again for something. The three strands of DMC covers well as the 2 was just too little in my opinion. Enjoy!


  2. Thanks so much!

    Yep, I think the 3 strands cover better for this linen.
    I'm already visualizing this finished!!! The color of the blossoms and then the light blue just popped together. I'm so glad I ordered the fat quarter to go on the back as it really looks good together.


  3. It looks great Jennifer! And I'm glad that you're enjoying your new frame. I really wish I could get one of those but my furniture wouldn't support having one. Perhaps I need new furniture - LOL . Yeah, that will go over real big with the DH!!!

  4. Looks like another great start!

  5. Oh, come on Deb!!! (((giggle))
    you gotta just get new furniture girlie! This Needlework 4 system is WONDERFUL! When I'm snipping threads and changing it's just flips without any pressure around, I love it. Don't think I'm pack it in my luggage though.....that would make my DH look at me like crazy with all the airline weight charges now!

  6. love your stand and new start too.


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