Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Back again....short day

Well, we are having trouble posting pics from yesterday but if you could only was a busy day indeed again. I was hoping to show some buttons I got yesterday on our excursions but this will have to be later. I saw buttons of all sorts, sizes, and it was overwhelming for a country girl like me! ;)

Most of the day I spent in Implanon training so now I'm certified to do this in-office procedure and we had to practice on models and I went to town with my curved forceps and scalpel and in no time was checked off.....the guy asked me if I wanted to teach the class in the future!  LOL No thanks!  I'll stick to cross stitching!

Well, I have inserted and removed Norplants in the years past so this was a breeze and also the curved forceps did resemble Ginghers curved 3.5 inch scissors so I could relate to that.

Body Guard went exploring the city while I was in training. He found a unique tobacoo shop and got a beautiful pipe (I know that's not too healthy but he likes a pipe every now and again).

Then we ate at Legal Seafood.........seafood again and I got lumpy crab dip with chips and fresh fish.

Off again to shopping and window shopping and then about ready to head for rest so that I can get up at 7am.....OMG! and start another full day of listening to GYN related topics.

Boston is definitely the walking city as they say here.  My southern accent is picked up everywhere and people laugh at me. I slept again like a rock last night. The room is wonderful.
Dunkin Doughnuts is just way too close to us!  hehehehehehee  I'm about to pop a button now.

hope to get some pics loaded on this tiny little computer we brought. Traveling lighter nowadays due to airline fees but otherwise I would have brought my own computer.

The weather here is absolutely beautiful and all the trees are in full bloom!  Funny, as there are people still dressed in winter clothing and some in Spring clothing. Feels like Friday but it's Wed I think......

I think tomorrow while I'm conferencing, BG will take a Duck Tour and roam the city more.
I can't wait till Friday night when we take the trolley tour here. There is so much history here! I'm glad he came this time, his first visit to Boston. My second. And the time I came before in 2007 I had just gotten out of the hospital from ulcerative colitis so I was not in the walking condition but now I can see more of the city.

I wanted to go to the Lousia May Alcott house but the hotel  says it's a ways away so maybe another trip.

I so miss Abbie and Ren right now.  I'm sure Ren is missing some Chowda right now!
Up to the room to stitch till I fall asleep because 7am is going to be quite early before I know it.

till later,


  1. Sounds like you are having a great trip. Congrats on your Implanon thingee!

  2. Sounds like a fun time! Have you been crowned the champion implanter? You'll have to post a pic of BG sporting his new pipe!


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