Saturday, April 10, 2010

Jane Austen is going with me to Boston

I've decided 2 of Tanya Anderson's designs will go with me. Yesterday in the mail I finally got the Lambswool linen that I didn't have so I was excited to open it so that I could kit it up because I wanted to take her design with me. The phrase would be so perfect for seeing the big city. It's called A Sweet View. I think this is a quote from a Jane Austen novel.  "It was a sweet view, sweet to the eye and to the mind". It's left me at this point which book is from but anyway.......a bit a of Jane to travel with me.

Don't you love the orange homespun fabric?  I do!  And I was hesitant to get it at one time because usually orange is my least favorite color but I can tell  you I love this fabric. The pattern and the fabric, fat quarter can be obtained from The Sampler Girl"s Webshop.

Then if I'm really zealous and get that finished I'm taking this. I got it way while back and want to get it done for Mother's Day. I think my mother would like this in the mail. She loves antiques and vintage stuff too and I hope to do a good job so she will like it. This is also from The Sampler Girl.

And then lastly, I'm kitting up this one to take if by chance I get both done (may not sleep) and will stitch through the conference:. It's by Little by Little design company. When finished it will reside on my sampler wall upstairs right by Brandon's pic in honor of his recent tour and a reminder of how proud I am of him fighting for our country. The freedoms we enjoy are because of this blessing.
I will kit is as I have all the threads called for in this piece.

So, I have got my stitchy stuff with me to take and I hope to carry one of my tiny pair of scissors as they meet airplane guidelines and get to stitch at the airport too. I haven't bravened myself to tell them I have needle and scissors at security yet!  The only needle that's been approved is my Epi Pen for latex allergy I have to carry and boy is it a big needle so they should let me carry a 26 needle, right?

I had many questions and emails about the frame company for the This Too sampler that I have drawn out to no yonder to finish this past 3 weeks........((((sign)))

Go to Ebay and find The Frame Guys store.  And you can browse through many of frames you want and in the left hand column you can pull up certain sizes. They have many choices of moldings, size, etc. and I can vouche for their good quality frames and how they are packed when you receive them is awesome. Their shipping is very fast.
The shipping for one frame is a bit steep but if you already know any other frames you may need, then go ahead and order them too and I think combined shipping for additional frames is like ? 1.00 or something.
So, a great deal.

Here are a few that I have framed from The Frame Guys:

This sampler is now discontinued by The Sampler Girl but I think it was called "The Blue House Sampler"

This one I framed and at the time bought 2 of them to match because I have the other sister sampler to it by The Scarlett Letter half finished, a WIP. The WIP to match is one over one and boy, is it wonderful for the eyes!  not. But one day, I will finish it and get to frame both together.

Sorry for the glare on them, some I do use the glass they supply and some I don't.

I could show you 2 others by them but that's just a sample of their work.

They have many other moldings to choose from. So check them out.

Well, I slept oh so late this morning than I have in over 3 months now and the furbabies are on their way to the pet sitter.

Till later,



  1. Love them all and can not wait to see pics!! Hope you have a wonderful trip!

  2. Hope you and your hubby have a wonderful time in Boston! Love the pattern Sweet View of Tanya's - reminds me of the sampler Jane Austen stitched so many years ago. Looking forward to the pics of your trip. Dianne in UT

  3. Love the choices for your trip! I haven't found the time or energy recently to stitch much. Spending time shuttling the boys to baseball practices/games and working in the gardens. I am hoping for some time tomorrow!

    Can't wait to hear of your adventures in Boston!


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