Thursday, April 15, 2010

Day 4-Boston and more

Yep,Dunkin Donuts ......again

there were 6 doughnuts......oops

While in conference, BG toured the city and had it all mapped out. He even said today he went to the south side and felt like he was back in Chicago southside.......why did he do that?  He lives on the edge!  LOL

I did get to finish this one above and packed it away and today during conference while listening to the various updates on pelvic pain and female issues almost finished A Sweet View (somehow that didn't sound right in the same sentence.......but anyway)
I will post a pic later when completely finished. I love it!

Yesterday, pics of the city.....

not a cloud in the sky

mall shopping too convenient in walking distance.  Boy, did I do too much shopping!

Tonight, guess what we grabbed for dinner.......CHOWDA!  GREAT chowder so we are definitely getting our Omega 3's this week, seafood at least once a day.

I'm pooped out again, was up at 7am and will have to get back up at 7am for another full day of ......gynecology issues. I won' t discuss all the details of such but if you are a woman you can imagine, menopausal issues, and .....well....I better not tell.

Things I noticed here are:

I'm slow from the South. People here are in a big hurry!

Today I .... ate lunch at a bakery that had the best sandwich I've ever eaten....Turkey and Cranberries on Pumpernickle bread with a large fresh chocolate chip cookie.

I discovered the heaven of Teavana!  OMG!  I had a peach relaxing hot tea brewed fresh to take back to conference. I got a ceramic mug with a ceramic holder for dried tea leaves and a cannister of Lavender white tea with roses.........WONDERFUL!!!!  for the mind and body.

I also, with many others, have noticed an incredible amount of static in the air, so much that you shock your hand every time you touch metal after going down the hall. Well this morning, BG kissed me at the elevator and we literally popped the heck out of each other's lips and OH IT HURT!

We laughed so hard our sides hurt. Maybe it's a chemistry thing.

I worked on and almost finished A Sweet View and will always remember I stitched it in Boston.

I plan to begin stitching tomorrow, Always and Forever by Little House Needleworks.

I have  so many shopping bags I can't figure how this will all get back in our luggage. :o

I'm reminded of city water smell and taste....YUCK!

It turned cold up here tonight, windy and feels like 30 outside.

I can't believe tomorrow is Friday!!!!

I've definitely made up any missed sleep, food, etc. for the past year, this week. I feel alive again.

Till later,


  1. Looks like you are having beautiful weather and a wonderful time!

    If you keep up the shopping, you may have to FedEx your packages home!

  2. Sounds great so far Jennifer. Love the funny since I've been to that mall. I don't remember the name of it but I remember taking the Duck Tour from nearby and bought my ticket at the mall. BG will have fun on the tour. Great way to see a lot!

  3. Thanks for sharing.

    If you have too many purchases to pack in your suitcases, you can always ship it home. ;)

  4. I was in Boston last month for a conference. Are you at the Convention Center?

    Have you been to the Dunkin' Donuts/Sushi specialty shop? I didn't make it there, but apparently such a thing really exists!!!

    - Lisa N.

  5. Is the bird at the bottom right of "This Too" missing one of his feets? Looks great though!

    I don't know that tea place, but I LOVE TEA! Sounds so great. Pelvic pain...doesn't sound so great, though.

    I lol'ed at your sweet view joke; sounds like you two are having the best time, each in your own ways.

    Those static kisses are Painful!! Ouch! We always say the chemistry of our love is Electrifying and strike a pose when it happens, lol!

  6. I am thoroughly enjoying your 'travel journal' as I love to
    travel myself. I am so glad you are enjoying your time there and are getting to see and do a lot.
    Boston is certainly unique, I love
    the architecture.
    Don't eat too many donuts! (I'm really jealous about the seafood...).

  7. I've been at that Cheesecake Factory and shopping there with my daughter in 2006 while DH and son were at the Sox game. Took her on a swan ride around the little lake. I loved it there. Your trip sounds wonderful .Love all your latest stitching too. Enjoy the rest of your trip.

  8. Sounds like you are having a WONDERFUL time.

  9. So happy your having a wonderful time. Your in my brother's neck of the woods. In fact that Cheesecake Factory is his little hangout once a month. LOL

  10. Forgot to mention if you can do yourself a favor and head over to Tealuxe at 108 Newbury Street in Boston or at Harvard Square in Cambridge. Talk about fabulous tea!!!!



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