Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Hey there from Boston

Well, the last 2 days have been.......oh so fast and these feet are sore, with a big S!

After the craziness at the airport......

here's the view from our room.....country come to town!

The view is lovely. I love this building. A beautiful reflection of the awesome sunny weather here this week.

we can see the state building with the gold top......gorgeous!

as soon as we checked in, my energizer bunny appetite said.......SEAFOOD!
So, we asked and went to the oldest restaurant in America, I learned, the Union Seafood House
Caught a cab and darted over to it and boy is it full of history. We at in the "Pine Room" on the 2nd floor and didn't ask for a special table but I looked up and saw this:

yes, the waitress put us right next to the Kennedy Booth!  I had no idea!! This is the famous booth where John F. Kennedy had many meals here. He sat in this booth all the time, so the waitress tells us. I was going to take pics of us in the booth, but a party of 6 filled it in by that time.

There was the same fireplace. The building was built a couple HUNDRED years ago.
It's been a restaurant for a very long time in fact Daniel Webster had a famous booth he sat in on the first floor.

I had fresh blackened salmon, potatoes, and cornbread which up here tastes like pound cake and my dessert!

While eating in the Pine Room I drooled over these colonial curtains with cornice boards.

my heart be still.........LOL
Hey, by the way I found a coffee mug with just LOL on it at Barnes and Noble today and I almost got it~

I still couldn't believe we ate one  booth over from JFK........

Where the seafood was cooking and the wine was wonderful!
ok, the taxi ride was costly.....but worth it!

after we ate we walked around the building and had history channel on 3D. Body guard was in awe, as I was too.

Here is the first woman waitress in Boston. I did get permission, by the way from the owner to take these pics.

here's some fresh lobster!

We roamed a bit of the alley's there after dinner on the cobblestone roads and well,  I have seen homeless signs being held up and "Help me I'm hungry" and "Help me I'm homeless" and a new thing in my journey is a guy outside, homeless but his sign said


ok, at this point I was about to take the pic and BG was like, going nuts about the safety of my adventures so I didn't get a pic of that of but it was ......different....
LOL---hey at least the poor guy was honest.......

so we moseyed along and absorbed people-watching and then took a taxi back to the hotel.

After alot of walking we went to bed earlier than usual and made a record at 10pm
then slept solidly until 9am.

Then, off again for another adventuresome day. I will post pics tomorrow as I don't have those downloaded to this micro little computer BG brought to use.

We walked so much today that I thought  my feet were going to fall off.....but I'm looking down....they are still attached!  ;)

In summary today........


ate Dunkin Donuts in the room with coffee.....BG stopped to get 1/2 dozen of chocolate covered doughnuts and kindly went early to get me a large coffee while dressing this morning.

walked more
caught the train and learned some of the ropes of the public transit

rode the wrong way once  twice and finally found our bearings

ate 2 scoops of Ben and Jerry's ice cream and

got lost in a Barnes and Noble bookstore for 2 hours......BG had to come looking for me. I love books.

we had Orange cranberry  hot tea

road the train to Boston Commons

rubbed blisters on my feet

went to a huge mall, conveniently attached to the hotel....and Ann Taylor store and LOFT is there.....BIG MISTAKE!

Went to Windsor Button Company....and stayed 2 hours

then over to over to the Winmill fabric store and I got lost literally in  the calico section. The owner said it was the ONLY fabric store in Boston.

In the interim, BG has had a great time profiling everybody here in the city. Brings back memories for him to his first job in South side Chicago......he is thankful for where we live now.

I completely finished This Too Shall Pass sampler on the plane by the way and enjoyed the comments like "Oh my grandma used to this" LOL

Got a Jane Austen book, in pictures....awesome book, has alot of the hx history of the setting in England.

planned my attire for our Fri night date after the conference to the Trolley tour of Boston. This may or may not have to do with a shopping trip to Ann Taylor......oops.

Are you tired now reading all this?

I think I'm winding down now, sipping on a glass of Merlot and hubbie.....people watching again........well, I'm safe so no complaints....

Tomorrow another day of madness and will post some unusual fabs, buttons and all that I confiscated for stash today. It's a sickness I know......LOL

Well, till later...........


  1. All in all, it sounds like you had a perfectly fun filled day in Boston and maybe, just maybe those blisters were worth it. (???) Can't wait to see what new stash you have acquired. Smiles....

  2. Marty took me to the Union for lunch on my first trip to Boston during our eary years - FUN place!!


  3. Sounds like a fantastic trip. Would love to go to Boston one day. Keep the wonderful posts coming.

  4. Sounds like you are having a wonderful time! No wonder you are tired!

    Can't wait to see all of your goodies!

  5. Sounds exciting and a whole lot of fun !!!

  6. Boston is one of my favorite places. I grew up in Sudbury (ok, high school), and we used to hitch hike into Boston and Cambridge. Wouldn't do that these days! Last time I was in Boston my son was very young. We were down by the Boston Commons when 2 cops went running into a building, guns drawn. We got out of there! Have fun!

  7. Enjoy your stay at Copley Square ;-) I've been to that mall a million times while I lived in Boston. It is awesome. Have a great time!


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