Sunday, April 11, 2010

Progress and packing~~I prefer progress over packing....

Well, today I continued on until I got here and started Mr. Bunny on the right. I have to leave about an hour or so to pack and it's hard to pull away from this piece because I'm enjoying it so much. 
 BG has been throwing hints about last minute packing for about 4 hours now.....he's all ready and free spirit is spontaneously and slowly resisting that packing for a trip phase.......

At one point in the afternoon, I was mentally saying with each petal "he loves, he loves me not" as I completed each one.  Thank goodness, it landed on...... he loves me.

Well, Mr. Bunny, I must leave you, but I will see you again tomorrow on the plane as I'm packing you with me and then we'll be on our journey to Boston, or Boyston!
This southern girl is heading north.

I hope to have internet at some point during the week so till then......stay safe and I promise to bring back some goodies!


P.S. The Nest Feathers Shop is closed this week. Any emails for orders will be sent out the following week. Any other orders up till today will be sent out first thing in the morning.

Fiddle-Dee-dee...............ok, packing, I know, I know........


  1. Wow, your piece is looking fabulous Jen!!! Enjoy your time in Boyston.....Smiles!

  2. Have FUN!!! Are you going to do the Freedom Trail? That's a lot of fun in Boston.
    Enjoy the seafood!



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