Thursday, March 25, 2010

Proud Mom moment

Nothing keeps a mother's love from ever ending. Life lesson.

And nothing makes a mom more proud than this service I attended at Fort Stewart, Georgia, 7 hour drive away from home.

We just arrived home and oh, so tired, but a good tired because I know Brandon is safe on US soil!

The anticipation started at 10pm on the field. There were some delays, but that was fine by me because when they announced when the plane touched Hunter field, I cried and thanked the Lord Brandon was safe and finished with his tour this year. The troops arrived at 3:45 AM and as they approached from behind to the front in the night in formation on the field, then we sang the National Athem, saluted and then met up with them.
Sadly many soldiers parted ways to the side and didn't have any family support. I can't even imagine that.

Here are a few pics. I took several but as I have been using my new camera for mostly stitching photos and around the house my night time photo shooting was a little blurry (because of pure adrenaline excitement and my lack of experience with night shooting mode).

Because I have through this year shared with thousands of friends by email from all over the world, and I so appreciate your love,  anticipation and support, I will share these pics.

We had VIP parking. Couldn't have asked for better! We waited for almost six hours in anticipation.

Both tired, exhausted and happy, proud, relieved, and totally awesome, we were so happy for this moment!!!!!!!!!!!
P.S. Meghan I love your glasses, they are so cute! 

We had a great trip and I ate 2 large buffet meals on stops back up to the mountains!  I forgot that food tasted so good!!!

The soldiers then had a day off today and then 7 more days of debriefing there before they would return to their home base.
Brandon, we love you and are proud for your service to the USA!

Being the passenger of the 24 hour adrenaline rush of a 15 hour drive, I worked on This Too Shall Pass by  My Big Toe Designs and made a little progress!

As eyes are now weary for good rest, I hope you too have had a good Wed and Thursday.

I will draw a name for the Heart of America used chart tomorrow, probably after a 15 hour sleep period!  LOL

Till later,


  1. I'm so glad to hear that he is home safe and sound. I know how proud you are of your son. (We all are!) I hope you get to spend some quality time with him now that he is back.

  2. I could just cry. What a wonderful thing that he is home and safe. I hope you are all able to spend some time together after everyone rests.

  3. I'm soooo happy your son is already there with you!!!, big hugs to you and your lovely family

  4. Thanking the good Lord that he is back home safely. Hope you sleep well tonite Jennifer.

  5. Awesome post - wonderful news - SO glad he's back in the states.


  6. Glad your boy is back home and safe - may be stay that way.

    Happy Stitching on the new needlework 4 system.

  7. How wonderful!! So glad he made it home safe. I bet you have lots of catching up time ahead of you. Great post!

  8. I'm glad that Brandon is at home at last. I send you a big hug, Jennifer.
    Take care and happy stitching

  9. YEAH!! Glad to hear your son made it home safe. Now you all can rest a bit easier.

  10. Congrats on having your son home. A mother's pride is unequaled. Enjoy your son while he is on his leave! God bless you and him!

  11. How kind of you to share this precious moment with us. We in the UK are so proud of all the troops risking their lives for us all. I hope your soul will be more peaceful now, and that your life will be less stressful.Blessings friend, luv Lesley

  12. Welcome home, Brandon! I know you will rest easier now, Jennifer!

  13. Your prayers have been answered...
    bless you!

  14. glad your wait is over! Thank you for sharing this moment with us.

  15. So glad to see he is home safe and sound...and that you were able to greet him on his return!

    Great work on the WIP!


  16. Jennifer,
    That's awesome.I know you're so happy.
    Thank you Brandon.

  17. What a welcoming post to start my day. Jennifer, I know how relieved and happy you are to have your son back home. I'm am glad you were able to welcome him and hope you have a real long visit soon.

    Thank you for sharing with us.

    I love, love, love the Big Toe design you are working on. Beautiful.

  18. I am so happy to hear that Brandon is back home now! I don't know what else to say except you must be so relieved and happy! A huge thank you to him too for the wonderful service he has done for our country. Lest we never forget!!!

  19. Well the tear tap was justa running with those pics. What a beautiful sight to see them back on your US soil. Congratulations on a safe return. Best Wishes to all.
    Be always in stitches.

  20. So pleased to hear your news Jennifer,he made it through. all the men and women out there deserve out gratitude for their part in keeping the world safe. Hope you can relax a little now and that your dear son stays safe.
    Love the new design.
    Hugs from the UK

  21. SO glad to see he is home safe.
    You could see the relief in your face.

    We are proud of your son for his service to our country. It takes a great person to leave everything behind and fight for so many he does not know. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your service and dedication Brandon!

    You have a wonderful mother. Give her a big hug and kiss for those of us that do not have arms long enough to reach her.

  22. What a thrilling moment! It is a wonderful feeling to have these soldiers come home! (I've done this 4 times with my military husband, although I've never had to wait a year!)
    I'm so glad Brandon is home safe. Let him know of our gratitude for his sacrifice, and for yours! May God continue to bless your family!

  23. Congratulations- he's home!
    Please extend my gratitude for his service, and bless you for raising such a patriotic, selfless son. Sleep well tonight!

  24. Happy your Brandon is home safely and you had such an enjoyable trip.

  25. I am truely happy for you. His safe return is answered prayer. I'm following this blog.

    jennifer, check out the side bar of my blog to see how an ex-serviceman feels about men like your son. god bless you and your soldier boy.


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