Saturday, March 27, 2010

Homecoming week.......number 2 homecoming....Ren and Abbie!!!!!!

  Welcome home Abbie and Ren!  You have been missed!!!!

Stitches are looking good. They took off her collar now so she is aware of them and we have to keep her from pulling them out till next Thursday when she goes back to the Vet.......wish me luck! LOL

She's not quite herself yet

But an hour in Mama's robe and she was sleeping a little nap.

And then woke and accepted her treat eagerly. When she first came home I think she pouted a little but she's over it !  What a phrase!

Ren lost a little weight. His backbone is really sticking out but he was zinging all over the kitchen , and family room banging his head but he kept going at it. After I put Abbie to her bed then I gave him a part of my breakfast sandwich I saved and gave him a fresh blanket and he is fine.

Ren says Life is Good now!

And Abbie says She's Over it now!

Oh, I hear snoring now from both kennels. They are happy again.


  1. Jennifer - Stop by my blog. I have awarded you a Sunshine Blog Award. I enjoy following you blog, love your photos and finishes.

  2. So glad they are home with you! Have you found that crash helmet for Ren yet?

    Abbie looked so pitiful in that second picture! Poor girl!

  3. Catherine,
    you know I'm looking it up right now on Ebay for that crash helmet!!!! no kidding!

    I'm sorry I haven't picked that up yet but heading over there and feel so very honored you thought of me for this award! Thank you so much!


  4. I can breath now, I'm relieved Ren and Abbie are with you now, you need to make lots of soup to Abbie for recovering, poor little baby and her big boo-boo :S


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