Saturday, March 27, 2010

Good Saturday Morning to you!

Gooooooooood Morning!  I'm still a bit achey and tired but oh so happy to tell you that the Brandon's Homecoming Giveaway which goes through April 5th came in the mail yesterday and if you haven't posted for a chance or two or three to win, peek over and share the news!  It's a beautiful piece for any stitcher. The linen in Antique Gold and the Overdye threads are pretty!

Take a peek......

So don't miss out on this one!  It's waiting for April 6th for a name draw and it could be yours.

And for a Southern breakfast, BodyGuard went to one of the locals for a "little biscuit" this morning and this is what I have for breakfast!  Huge Southern, loving it.
Food never tasted so good. I haven't turned on CNN in 4 days now!  WOO HOO!

Yes, now this is what I call a breakfast sandwich!

I'll make sure I don't have to get my lipid profile/cholesterol checked any time soon....LOL


And the next best news is Miss Abigail and Mr. Ren are due for arrival in 1 hour!!!  I can't wait to see them, poo and all!

I've kept in contact with the Vet and we timed this so she would get her surgery this week anyways while we were gone and vet says she is doing well, eating well, keeping her E -collar on so that she won't pull out stitches and that Mr. Ren is fine and turbans to sleep mostly and eats well.

I'm supposed to keep Abbie in her kennel so she won't take off running and splitting stitches until next Thursday.

Well, I'm looking out at a beautiful sunny day here in North Ga. Mountains and hearing the wind blow so hard that the leaves in the forest are making little tornadoes in the air.
This would be a good Kite Day! My wind chimes on the back porch are playing beauiful music while we are sipping our morning coffee. No TV, just relaxing......

Till later,


  1. Mmmmm Breakfast. Yours looks soooo yummy. I am reading your post, eating soda crackers and downing coffee, how's that for breakfast? Diet?

  2. Such a wonderful and happy post! I'm so glad to see that you have found some deserve it!

  3. Jennifer,

    There is definitely a much calmer and relaxed feeling to your posts! I am happy for you - you deserve it!

    So glad to hear Abbie and Ren are doing so well. I can't imagine Abbie staying still though!

  4. Love the chart you're giving away, you're so generous, I put the info on my blog wishing more people know the sweet woman you are... I'm agree with the girls, your breakfast looks really yummy, your posts looks calmer and happier. I missed Ren and Abbie while they weren't there, you can put videos of them on here!, if you want, I'm sure we'd like to see them


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