Monday, February 15, 2010

A finish and a special Valentine's gift

I just finished and framed When This you See from the Valentine Booklet by the Sampler Girl. I didn't stitch all weekend and had most of it done by Friday night but this weekend was a bit stressful on top of stressful so I wasn't in the mood to stitch.

I had picked up the frame at a thrift store last week for 4.00 and it had some scratches on it but minimal. I enjoy rummaging through old stuff like that and picked up several other ones as well.
I put it here in a corner of the downstairs bedroom. The collage in the box on top of the sampler is actually several of my old things when I was a little girl, like my hand mirror and comb, first gloves, one of my Easter bows, and a couple of lockets, one with my pic in it when I was in the 5th grade.

I had originally worked on this color Antique Green 32 count with Crescent colors and Belle Soie for another place but it didn't work out.

This is the pic of a handsome man that was in that frame. I really do not like to throw away pics but I have no idea who this man is. There is no name on it.

My other joy to share is over the weekend I received a wonderful, package from Sandy in NJ. She is the sweetest person I know and is so thoughtful. She had wrapped in beautiful lavender organza paper with a green bow all the goodies for a Valentine's gifts.
And I was awed and amazed that someone would get this much for me! Again, it couldn't have come at a better time.

Take a look-see at these she put in there........I couldn't believe not one, not two but THREE scissors fobs and I so needed these! Aren't they pretty? I love the hearts on the bottoms.

Then, she had 2 stitching projects that holds promise for Spring. They are Shepherd's Bush and the colors are beautiful! This one is the Easter treat bag.....I LOVE IT!
And this one is also a Shepherd's Bush complete kit with matting. I LOVE IT TOO! :)

And then to top it off she put 2 books that I am so proud to have now. Scarlett and then the story of Rhett Butler.
I think she must have adopted me. LOL (just joking Sandy) I was so excited when I opened this and it made my weekend so special, almost made me cry.

Well, I best get back to Ren, he is wondering through the hallway blindly "looking" for me and whining. He is a sad sight right now. He is febile, senile, and oh, just plain sad. I hold him but sometimes nothing calms him down but overall he is still with a ravenous appetite and sleeps alot. Sometimes he just sits and stares at the wall. I don't even think he sees there is a wall in front of him and sometimes, like tonight he has this Sundowners' syndrome where he paces and goes around in circles after dark. His arthritis medicine is enabling him to move more around the house but he runs into things as he is totally blind.

I think he would like to see Brandon one more time and he is waiting to see him and aggravate him like he used to! LOL

Miss Abbie hasn't really gotten alot of attention this weekend as I've had alot of other to deal with but maybe tomorrow I can give her more attention.

Well, I need to get back and finish the Emma project sampler. I'm still awaiting that frame in the mail, have no idea what this old frame from Ebay will look like but I know it's bummed a little. This one will go upstairs in another special spot that I"ve picked to put Jane Austen samplers.

Good night,



  1. Love that shadow/collage box you have displayed some of your childhood memories in. Such a special way of remembering your childhood. What a Great Idea!! I love rummaging through thrift stores, too. I can't help it, but it it sooo much fun, especially when you find the "perfect" treasure. How lucky you are to have such a sweet friend that spoiled you rotten on Valentine's Day, you sooo deserve it Jennifer!

  2. A lovely frame for a lovely finish! And that box with your personal affects from your childhood - that is just so very special! I'm so glad you shared it with us. What a fantastic package as well!

  3. What a fine display for your wall. I love the elements from your childhood that you have chosen the display. The stitchery below it is perfect.
    What a great Friend you have in Sandy. She sounds perfect and what wonderful gifts - from her hands to yours!

  4. Your collage box is lovely. What a nice momento for you to have of your childhood. Your friend did a great job!

  5. Jennifer -

    So glad you enjoyed the surprises from NJ.

    Was thinking of you today when I was at the Westminster Dog Show at Madison Square Garden. Made a special trip to the judging ring to see the relatives of Abby and Ren!

    Spring is coming - someday!

    Sandy in NJ

  6. I like the picture with your childhood memories (I also have something similar) and the gift you've received from Sandy. How lucky you are'

  7. Your piece looks lovely! And your collection is so sweet!

    Sandy sent you some really awesome goodies - you deserve it - enjoy!

  8. The finish is lovely and so perfect by the shadow box of memories which I also love! I love old thrift and dollar stores too. Nothing like a good bargain. What a sweet Valentine surprise. I know you were thrilled.

  9. What a sweet finish and looks perfect with your shadow box filled with lovely momentos.

    Love the nice gifties from your dear friend...hugs,Linda


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