Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday Finds

Today was much better waking up. The first night this week I slept over 3 hours in a row. I think I crashed in early from sheer exhaustion, I think I fell asleep bent over my stitching on the frame and woke up to finish the border all the way across the bottom. Then, I slept till the alarm went off at 6am. Got a B12 injection yesterday and recently started back taking vitamins regularly. I had really gotten out of the routine almost 6 months now and I can tell a huge difference when I've been off vitamins.

When I clean house really well, like organizing and vacuuming behind shoes in closets and under beds and on and on........then, I'm really stressed. I guess sometimes it's a good thing, so cleaning will get done.
Well this week, I totally was into closet cleaning and under furniture on hands and knees cleaning baseboards and the like. So not like me. And behind my dresser I found this pic that somehow fell off the back and has been under it for a while.

Look at this wee feller. This is Brandon's birth pic. He was little bitty. All 5 lbs and 9 oz's of him!
Where did the time go?
I can still smell the baby powder just looking at this pic.

And then another find tonight is this cookie. Yes, this is a dinner size plate. After eating Mexican we went by a country general store and they had these huge cookies....I mean huge. I picked the chocolate one and starting to nibble on it.

They also have many varieties of coffee, ground there to your liking and put in a brown bag. I chose a big scoop of Southern Pecan and use the old grinding machine and this will be my treat for the week of morning coffee. They even had a coffee that was Strawberry-covered Chocolate flavor and I had to stick my head in every glass container to smell the beans! This one didn't come in Decaf or I would have gotten it first.
Supper was late as work was extremely busy today (must be the post Valentine's/ pre weekend rush) and I was so tired when I got home at almost 7pm. I cannot discuss work issues for obvious reasons but in general let's say, I could tell you some wild cases in a GYN office if I could!
So, we ate out Mexican tonight.
Tomorrow is supposed to be a beautiful day in the near 60 degree mark.
I plan to stay outside doing as much as possible, running errands and soaking in the sunlight while I can.
I need to , at some point this weekend, take my bathroom completely apart and clean in the deep crevices of cabinets I haven't peeked in a couple of years. Do I want to do that or not?
Hmmm.......needs it bad and my goal is to declutter as I go.
I don't know about the female readers here, but we tend to collect a body wash, shampoo, conditioner, mascara, etc in every kind and have a plethora of collections surrounding the tub and under the cabinet.
All those lipsticks that just didn't look right or I didn't like or the free gifts with purchase bags I have accumulated over the years need decluttering soon to simplify the morning routine a bit.
Now, guys don't tend to collect this stuff, but ladies, let's admit it.........we love it! (or I do). I'm kicking my heels right now and trying to deny that I'm a high maintenance girl.
As I get older though, it's not quite as high maintenance, thank goodness. I just come to accept some things are going to change and I'm ok with that.
So, now that I have rambled on 5 or 6 subjects in a about 2 paragraphs, you wonder if I talk in circles? yep.
Back to my chocolate cookie..............and stitching till I fall asleep. I need to catch up on news. I think that's why I slept so good last night. I didn't turn the news on not even once in the evening.
But I guess tonight I will and if I have to sit and listen to Tiger Wood's apology, I will just turn it to something else while I stitch. I just can't sit and listen to that. I'm from the Augusta area, or near there, grew up there and know of the Master's golf tournament but never had the luxury of knowing someone wealthy enough or be of wealth to buy tickets and attend. Anyway, I think Tiger's apology is just his way to be done with his 13 or 15 or ever how many little "indiscretions" so he can ease back into the Master's coming up soon. It's so obvious.
So it comes down to listening to Obama or Tiger Woods probably..........
whatever is on O'Reilly Factor is what I'll listen to probably. I like Bill O'Reilly. He's pretty fair. Most of the time...LOL
Have a great evening!


  1. I bet you have some whoppers to tell from work!

    I'll share that cookie with you!

    I got some stitchy stuff today. I suppose I need to post tomorrow.

  2. Yes, I can't wait to see what you got today!
    Oh if you only knew those whopper stories, it would make a great reality show.

  3. Oh gosh, sounds like one or two jobs I've had...the stories I could tell, lol!
    That cookie looks delish and the coffee sounds wonderful too! I love the smell of coffee, esp. the flavored ones!
    OK, I will admit to having had tons of shampoo, soaps, lotions, etc. The older I've gotten, the less I hang on to it though. If it doesn't work or I decide it's not for me, I take it to the girls at my work and give it away. Just can't stand the "clutter" of it all anymore.
    And I'm also a lot like you and stress clean as well! My house is SPARKLING right now ;-)
    Oh well, it gets done that way, right?
    Hope you get some rest this weekend...some good stitching time!

  4. Hi Jennifer, Oh good, you sound so much brighter today. When you've finished your cleaning, would you like to 'pop' across the pond and do mine? I have whole ROOMS I haven't ventured into for years. Honestly, we moved here 4 years ago and still have masses of boxes still unpacked. I wonder what treasures (if any) lie within? Eant to visit and find out? Blessings Lesley

  5. It sounds like you needed that cookie!

  6. All I can say is I really, really would love to have a cookie like that right now..........

    I've been trying to clean and declutter as well - under the kitchen sink was bad enough - I can't even begin to imagine what I might find in my bathroom drawers!

  7. Vitamins - have you had your vit D level checked? How is your banana intake? there is an e-mail going round re:benefits of bananas.
    That Abby is just a doll! I love her.
    I'll pass on the choc cookie but the coffee sounds great.
    Happy Stitching!


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