Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Matches made in heaven

I've admired the Hilliar Scissors long enough......since I included them in the Christmas giveaway, so I ordered some from Tanya and they came in the mail today. I love them! I matched them up right away with one of the scissor fobs from Sandy in NJ.

Makes a great match to me!

Fixing to work on Emma project and I matched it with.......
(besides Mr. Knightley).....

This old, very old frame I got off Ebay. It's kinda bummed on the right side but it has character and I like it with this sampler.

So, here is another match today.

On my day off, so many things, so little time...........


  1. The scissors and fob look perfect together! And your progress on "Emma" is coming along beautifully- what a neat frame!

  2. Two great matches! I love the scissors with the beaded fob and the frame is just perfect for your Emma project!

  3. Very cool matching of the frame and design! I love it! I agree, old, not so "pretty" frames most often look great.

  4. I love a shabby frame with a sampler!

  5. Beautiful scissors and wonderful fob

  6. How cute that fob looks with those scissors! Sandy is a great friend to send you such treasures!

    Love, love, love the frame for Emma! It has character!

  7. all those stitchy things make my heart skip too...

  8. Your fob is just lovely and the project you're stitching is beautiful! Both look great together and I do love that frame as well.



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