Saturday, February 20, 2010

Miss Abbie says~~~~

My mommy is almost finished with her sampler.

But I say........that watching Tiger Woods speech is boring. Let's change the channel, Mommie.

I mean I know that a Tiger never loses his stripes, you know what I mean?

Like a leapard doesn't lose his spots? Is that the saying? Well, I haven't lost mine, see!

I so sweet with my spots though.
Mommie please hold me instead of stitching that sampler!

Love you,


  1. Ooooh your Emma is looking lovely! x

  2. OMW, that Abbie is an angel sent from heaven....kiss kiss kiss!

    Your Emma is gorgeous, I loove the colors!

    Hugs, peaches

  3. Your sampler is really pretty...can't wait to see if finished!

  4. Wonderful stitching as always. Do you keep most of these to decorate your home or gift them? I'm going to gift most of my projects for Christmas gifts.

    Tell Mr. Ren and Miss Abbie that Auntie Parsley loves them. :-)

  5. Lovely sampler!

    And I agree with Abbie, the Tiger speech was boring :)

  6. Your Emma looks wonderful Jennifer. And so does Abbie. And I am so sick of hearing about Tiger Woods that I walked away from his pitiful speech yesterday about how sorry he was! What a jerk!

  7. That is the cutest pup ever!!

    And I agree with her, tigers don't lose their stripes or spots or whatever it is they have, lol!

  8. Miss Abbie is such a cutie pie !

  9. Lovely stitching! Darling Abbie pics ... don't get me started on Tiger - ugh.

  10. Emma is lovely! Can't wait to see it in the frame!

    Abbie, as always, is a cutie-patootie!

    Tiger, well, not much to say about that one! He just needs to fade away...


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