Saturday, January 2, 2010

A Day of Cleaning

We were both in a cleaning mood today......and when that happens, we have to take full advantage of it! I just need to get into this mood more often.
In some ways clearing out the Christmas decor makes the house seem bigger again. Our village took alot of time to put away as we carefully wrapped each piece.

I decided to change the furniture around too. And this, my friends, is not too good with a bad back and neck but post-Christmas clean-up just makes me giddy to put things in different places just for a change. I think.....but can't prove......... that it's estrogen related.

I decided that I would set the dining table for two. See, I'm already getting in the Valentine's mood.

I kept this chair in the family room and put it in a different corner. Excuse the vacuum cleaner cord.......:0

I polished my silver teapot, sugar and creamer and oh, it looked better! I would love to show you a picture of it closeup but I noticed a full imagine of me in my robe looking pretty strange stretched across the teapot so I deleted it.

I washed and cleaned my crystal pieces. I love the new holder for my large Ginghers.

I'm ready for a cup of tea and a selection of petite sandwiches.

You know the table went from a table for 6 in 2005, to a table of 4 in 2008, now for 2010.......a table for 2 please. ;)

Would you like cream and sugar?

I even got out a couple of our wedding reception napkins that has our names and wedding date on them. Yeppers, I still have about 50 of those left and tucked away in my buffet cabinet.

When Body Guard and I took down the village on the piano (which is an hour process now), we had an audience of one. He looked so disapointed that Christmas lights are taken down. :(

Thomas is our cat who stays mostly outdoors. He comes in the basement when the weather is extreme or very cold and lounges on an old sofa like he is king. Otherwise, he is turning into Garfield with his plumpness now. BG says that this is a sign of a hard winter when all the animals fatten up.

So for sure, we will have some more snow!

He eats multiple times during the day. BG says now we have one dog that has senile dementia, one dog that jumps like a rabbit, a cat with bulimia, and a Lab that grins and shows her teeth at us when we come home from work. Do we qualify for a zoo yet?

But, Thomas is certainly a precious cat. He has the thickest fur this year I've ever seen him have. He is peaking through the window at me and wants to know when I'm going to clean the windows next so he won't look like he has snowflakes on his pretty head!!! LOL

Other things I did today include:

Eating leftovers from New Years Day

Stitched and frogged 3 times until I figured out my count on the border of the design was wrong.

Watching way too many marathon NCIS programs because I love BG. He loves that program. It's way too stimulating and testosterone -filled for me. I like it peaceful, quiet, or the Lifetime Channel, or PBS, or anything besides gore.

Took a plunging accidental slide about 2 hours ago, like I was going into home base on a baseball field around the hall corner with Abbie in my arms. Abbie is fine. I'm lying on the sofa with a heating pad and can hardly turn my neck.

Called the warranty folks for my computer and they are sending the dreaded box to get it fixed.......they say 1.5-2 weeks time away. OMG! I have to work on this old computer...........let's put it this way. BG still uses the DOS programming? What the heck is DOS? I mean, I really never knew what those F1, F2, F3, etc. keys at the top of the keyboard were for. :0

Hope your day went well. I will post a progress pic at midnight of Northanger Abbey, which I was thinking more along the lines of Hardanger Abbey after frogging out the right corner 3 times.......LOL

Till then stay comfy! (and I will stitch to more marathon NCIS and Die Hard movies tonight with my hubbie)


  1. Sounds like you had a very productive day! Hope you're okay after your fall and not feeling too many after pains. I watched a marathon of NCIS Miami today while I organized my craft room. Fun! Love all the pics of your beautiful home and the table set for two!

  2. Pretty home and cat--love his eyes!

  3. Sounds like a great day. My mama had the Old County Roses pattern, too. Very elegant and beautiful! Been there, done that on the multiple stitch/rips only to find the real problem was elsewhere. Oy! Hope the new year is a great one for you and your family!

    (Security word: macelisp. Is this something that identifies someone who has been maced?)

  4. Seems you were very accomplished! Your room looks so pretty. Everything does seem to be so barren looking around the house when the holiday decorations come down.....but not at your house. Funny thing is that 10 or 12 states away I was doing the same.....the watching NCIS and Diehard and stitching after the cleaning, purging and sorting was done. Loved the visual about your reflection in teapot of you in your robe. I did the same with a silver Christmas ball which will never be posted! lol

  5. Sounds like you stayed busy and had a productive day. The new furniture arrangement looks lovely. Hope you feel better from your slide very soon. Thanks for sharing all the wonderful pictures of your home.

  6. You sure got a lot done today! Sorry to hear about your fall. I do hope that you are feeling better! Thanks for sharing the pictures - I have said it before, you have a very comfortable looking home!

  7. Wow! You did great yesterday, woman!

    How are you feeling today? I hate falling, sadly I do it all the time...the guys call me "stop, drop and roll," nice family huh? ROFL

    Your tea and sandwiches make me want to come right over and have a know me and tea....giggle. Your china is fabulous, it looks like I would expect your china to look, so delicate.

    Your home looks like a magazine, it is just so gorgeous....and of course the pets are the best part :)

    I hate those days with a huge accomplishment followed by a "Biff"...I always fall or hurt myself right after I accomplish a huge project and think "Wow I'm in great shape," what's up with that?

    Rest today and earned it!


  8. I know this urge to move things around while you clean after Christmas. How do I know? I do it each year I just had DH help me move our furniture today. He is back to work tomorrow so I would have had to do it myself and I too have a bad back. I think you dining room looks fabulous!

    Hugs ~


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