Friday, January 1, 2010

Are you eating alot of peas and greens?

I'm barely connecting with an old laptop that had met it's demise a year ago. My honey rigged up this old one to do until I get mine fixed. You know that could take 8 weeks after sending it in to the warranty folks. Anyway, I'm back and around the house this morning with alot of cooking. Alot of cooking greens and black-eyed peas. This is supposed to be assuredness of good prosperity with the New Year, or so I've been told.

Missing Brandon alot right now. Hoping peace is in his heart in the middle of a country that is definitely not peaceful right now.
Here's to simple living and reminding myself that the simple life is the goal (minus the no laptop part) LOL
Speaking of peace, the two that are not at peace in our house include Abbie and Ren. She is so domineering with him and has not figured out yet that he is old and blind.

Worked a little on the Northanger Abbey piece this morning while hubbie has tried to rig up another computer to blog. I'm watching the CNN news to get updates in between cooking lunch, hugging Abbie and Ren, and stitch.

this morning about 2am I finished this stocking. Or finished stitching it. I still have to pick a fabric and believe it or not, I don't have what I was looking for, a tiny print fat quarter in black something, so I will have to finish later.
I cut the pattern template last night. I felt like I committed a felony when I cut through the Blackbird Design back page design. :0
Miss Abbie is looking cute in her dress. She is ever so playful right now.
She has not been eating well since our trip. However, today she enjoyed "stealing"food from Ren's plate. I mean.........Ren won't eat dog food well anyway, so this is her fantasy.
While we ate a great meal including lots of peas and a spiral cut ham.

and lots of greens for good luck. I also cooked fresh cornbread from Nora Mills grainary to go with it. I grated some cheese up into the batter and they turned out great!
And probably lots of gas.....LOL
My sweet Abbie is trying to get in my lap as we speak here. She got used to the carrying around mode we had on our trip. And she is so dang cute it's hard to tell her no.
Body Guard has decided to crank up something else this afternoon outside after lunch. It's a guy thing I believe.
It's bright and sunny and I'm leaning towards browsing through some thrift stores this afternoon. I'm just in that kinda mood.

Hope your New Years Day is fun-filled too.



  1. Sounds like a great day, my dear :)

    We make a tradition of black eyed peas and suateed cabbage, currently my roast is in the oven and I am just about to head into the kitchen to finish up my beans and cook the rest of the meal.

    Wishing you lots of good luck and money in the New Year....most important however, health and hapiness :)

    Hugs, peaches

    OH BTW....must give a shout out to Miss Abbie's adorable dress! She is the best dressed little girl in the world.

  2. Sounds like you had a great day! My grandmother used to cook greens and black-eyed peas but I just don't like them so have not continued the tradition. I hope your son is doing well - my youngest wants to go into Army ROTC after high school and it scares me to death. My father is retired from the Army and Ty wants to follow in his footsteps.

    Abbie looks cute in her red dress and I hope she and Ren get along better, soon!

    Happy New Year to you!

  3. I love what you are stitching and have stitched. They are all very gorgeous.

    Miss Abby sure knows good food when she sees it and she is so cute. Hopefully she'll figure out that Ren can't see her but if she doesn't I'm sure he will have great fun with her weither he wants to or not.
    Lots of Love
    Patti xxx

  4. Terri,
    I hope that your son for your sake and his, does not go into military.
    I know we need people to fight for our country but I tell you that the military takes care of spouses but parents are left way out in the cold to wonder what in the world is going on and with this Afghanistan mess, excuse me, war I don't see it ending.
    I foresee Brandon having to go on multiple deployments now. That's not what the National Guard is supposed to be used for but it is that way now. They basically brain-wash them from ROTC to NG, to whatever military and promise alot of stuff but don't tell the bad.
    Problem 2 is that they don't finish schooling (college). Yes, the military helps pay for college but when they deploy them every 2 years, they never finish. It's just not a good picture in my view. But, it's what he wants to do, so if he is happy, I support his goals.

    He will never know (my son) what hell we have been through wondering if he is dead or alive every day, and watching the news, jumping at the phones when they ring, wondering if the military will drive up in your driveway one day to tell you bad news. He will know only when he lives through his own child doing this to him. Until he matures, he hasn't got a clue. And if by chance he does have a clue, he must be pretty doggone cruel is all we can say about it now.

    Good luck,


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