Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My loot from the road trip

Waking up this morning with Miss Abbie, so tired from our trip. Ren is home now and he had his
cheerios in the mornings and a dryer-warmed blanket each night as the vet said. Ren has really
captured the hearts of our vet over the past 8 years. Our vet listened to his heart with his
stethoscope and he looked up at me and said, "Every day is a good day for little Ren" ;)
So, unpacking the loot I got along the way. Here is some new 32 count Belfast linen.

And because the cross stitch shop displayed their intricate, beautifully-stitched Blackbird
Design stockings, I made a vow to make these throughout the year for next year. The tiny little
stockings are so incredibly cute. I got the January booklet.

With the 3 pieces of linen already precut small for the individual stockings.

I got a pack of Piecemakers needles in size 26. I've heard alot of good things about these needles
through reading different blogs and so I'm going to try a pack.

And at a thrift store, I got a 1936 old copy of Gone with the Wind. I've never owned a copy and I
love the book so much, I was pleased with the find to add to my little library downstairs.

At the old General store in Sylva, Vera Bradly had a 40% off their "Frill Collection" and as you
can see why the name, Frill. Very bright stuff but I loved it.
This little pack could double as a scissor case.
And this little zip up bag which inserts into a notebook would be great to carry to work for lunch
hours small stitching.

Yes, this is really shiney and red! I'm a girlie girl though.

Definitely will need a solid outfit with this purse.

I will be stylin' though. LOL

Now, this, my friends, is really a put-together system that I found in a store and it's really for
jewelry. This store had alot of inserts to boxes with clear tops and anything and everything
including tags to attach to jewelry if you make beads, earrings, etc.
My mind immediately went to .......OMG, I can store my precious silk floss in these, so I put
together a case for my silks. I have only 4 silk flosses as they are quite costly but now I can put
this with my DMC wooden box for organization. Gosh, did I say organizing? That's so not
me! :0

Love it. I got a pad piece that goes in the middle to give me 2 layers, a possibility to keep 16
flosses in this box.

While I don't have very few silks, I know a place now that I can add to another box if I attain
more silks. Or When I attain more silks.

I got this blanket on a discount table for this chair. It's crocheted in beautiful mauves and pinks
which compliments this room and feels oh so comfy and cozy.

At the cross stitch store, got me a copy of this magazine which I thoroughly enjoyed reading
about thinbles and the origins, history, etc.

A few special threads I needed.

And for 99cents each, these pillow covers.

I liked them because they would be great to attach a stitched piece on the front with lovely
buttons and it has a zippered back. I got 2 navy ones and 1 williamsburg blue one.

Deb, I thought of you when I went into an antique store called Memory Lane. I think I got lost in
this place and spent 2 hours there. No flower/scissors frogs out of all the stuff in there. But, I
did get this crystal bowl/vase to hold my large Ginghers.

It's shiny and pretty heavy to hold those special larger scissors.

So, I did get more than I should have on this trip but I'm loving each special one.

I have a "Frosted Cranberry" candle burning now and the family room smells luscious. I'm in my

PJ's still at almost noon and catching a few minutes with CNN. Then I'm off to try to get some

cleaning done. The furbabies are all napping right now, recovering from their journeys.


  1. Curious what little Ren eats when he's at the vet since you feed him what you eat. The vets here won't let you bring their own food.

  2. you got alot of great loot there on your trip! lucky girl!

  3. I see you have apple cider in there; I'm having a love affair with that floss right now! Looks like you had a wonderful time on your trip. :)

  4. I love all the goodies you scored you your trip!! VB pieces are very nice especially on sale!!!! Cant wiat to see your progress on the little stockings!!

  5. Hey Parsley,
    He eats cheerios and dry dogood wet with water pretty well at the vet. Our vet lets us bring anything we want to.

  6. I just love all your goodies! You got alot of great stuff and your scissors will look wonderful in that beautiful bowl.

  7. Ren is lucky to have caring vets. I think it's hard on the dogs and their tummies not to get fed what they eat at home. That's why, when I pet sit, I let them bring whatever they need.

  8. Beautiful treasure you found. Thank you for all of the beautiful pictures. It inspires me to make my home more beautiful.

  9. Love all your loot! It sounds like you had a great time. Glad to hear you are all home safe and sound.

  10. You made out like a bandit with all of those fantastic new goodies...enjoy!!!

  11. ooh... Love the VB 'stuff', the blanket and the crystal the best! But of course, any stash is wonderful! What a wonderful shopping trip you had!


  12. Sounds like you had a great trip! Glad little Ren has a caring vet. He is so stinkin cute! And Lil Abbie is just a doll. I keep showing her pic to my honey, but he just grunts and turns away from the cuteness!

  13. Good morning Jennifer. How wonderful to hear you sounding so happy and optimistic. It's really made my day. I hope the coming year brings joy and comfort to you and your family. Blessings

  14. What a haul of!
    And I have one thing to say...once you try Piecemakers you'll never go back. I tried them in 2006, and will not stitch with anything else. period.

  15. Vonna,
    I LOVE these needles! You are right. I used John James before.
    Think I will be writing a Dear John letter. LOL



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