Monday, December 28, 2009

Hey ya'll-Part One today!

I'm barely able to connect with my laptop. We are staying in a hotel which is basic.....I mean basic..... .close to camping-out basic! LOL But, we don't stay in the room very long so it really is kinda neat.....more stitching funds! ;)

This morning I slept in after Abbie took a long night of howling.....wait.....yodeling......

Body Guard went out to scope out the guy shops in town, his favorite knife store and such while I had McDonalds pancakes and sausage in bed and caught some stitching time with Miss Abbie watching finally......back and forth, back and forth as the needle went through the frame as if she was becoming hypnotized. Then, we went out for the day while Abbie stayed warm in our "pet-friendly" motel room.

Miss Abbie is in motion when we came back at the end of the day. Look at this tail. She finally ate in her fancy dinner dishes and hoping she will be like the Energizer bunny and run out of energy for tonight so she won't yodel.

We fixed her a bed beside ours but she looked at me like I was crazy. Yes, I caved and put the sugar lump in the bed with us. So much for romance.
After our lunch at Taco Bell, watching people across the road wheel in the air a thousand feet above and flip in this ride.........we went to the quilt store.
They have every finished quilt you can imagine of any level of quality.

I decided I needed another bedroom added onto our house so I could have another bed.
I caved for this quilt and shams because of the tulips.
I cannot figure out why this store sells expensive massage chairs here in the middle but yeppers, they do. For $4000.00 at a discount, you can get this baby. I just popped this one on our Visa and BG had a stroke.....NOT! :0's tax deductible as a medical deduction.......nope, that didn't work either with BG..........LOL

By the time I was done here, I was dizzy and nauseated from excitement so....

All in this wee small-appearing store on the outside..........

Conveniently located next to guy stores like guns and golf and stuff I know nothing about.

We dashed in between to Dixie Darlin Cross stitch store. I had my little list for a few sampler threads and they basically carry only Weeks, Crescent Colors and Gentle Art, DMC. No silks or Hand-dyeds. But, listen to this. BG printed out a 10% off coupon for me for this needlework shop before our visit. He plans out our trips to a T. Me? I'm like......whatever happens.......happens.
That gave me an excuse to pick up some other stuff of which I will post when I get back.
The traffic was worse than Atlanta, and there was some cursing going the driver's seat....hehehehehehe.

And if you like Coldwater Creek but are like me and think it's pretty expensive.........just want to let you know that they are having EVERYTHING in the their stores, including outlets 50% off. So even the sale items were 50% more off. It was a crazy place.
Body Guard decided to go and look at the sock store and jeans.

Afterward we went to Red Lobster and had Oysters on the half-shell, something I haven't had in a while and love them steamed....never raw though......
So, I really tried out my stomach and it's much better if I tolerated McDonalds, Taco Bell, and Red Lobster all in one day! ;)
Back to the room and Abbie did not chew the place down. She was happy to see us. Please excuse the gun. It was under his vest......he never takes it off............

She is now in play mode again.

And she really is begging to sit on my lap alot now. She stands alot, like a dancing bear. Chex Mix is not involved here either.

The funniest pic of the day is this one. BUSTED!
yep, she loves decaf coffee so she went to the trash can this morning and danced around it until I quickly closed the door. I know the toilet in the background is not so pretty I said, we are one step above camping right now.
I believe her feet are growing very long now and she springs like a bunny.

The connection here has been slow and I'm sitting at a motel lobby while everyone brings in their pooches. I love that!
I can only sit by the microwave and everytime someone heats their dinner, I lose connection......not a good thing. This brings back memories of Dial-up only when I had to type 1000 word papers daily for graduate school. Then the kids would pick up the phone and oops, there it goes! Memories! AHHHH! Thank goodness for DSL and empty-nest.
Tomorrow we are on the way back home because there is a storm brewing that is supposed to bring ice and snow here.
Better get back to the room. BG is profiling everybody so I have my own personal protection here...... honestly. We are watching the CNN news and saw where somebody tried to put an explosive in their underwear on a plane. BG says "of all places!" ;0
The fun part is greeting all the doggies in the lobby. This is one of the frequented "pet-friendly" motels so I"ve met Dolly (the dog), Bridget, Sam, Max, and on and on. Such cuties!
I'm glad we are not allergic to dogs!
Gotta run!


  1. Gosh I'm still laughing. That picture of bodyguard with little Abbie in his arms...both looking delirious happy, gun in the holster. That huge tough guy melting for a hand full of doggy which is just as happy as he is...that is such a great picture. SO cute - and same time fantastic hilarious. The gun just tops it off.
    Loving it.
    Great to hear that you're having such a nice time. The shop seems to be great. Wishing you lots of more fun

  2. The quilt shop is too much for my heart! I would have gone wild! I bet they are all really expensive though. And what a great idea putting it near guy shops! It looks like you are having a wonderful time! Continue to have fun.

  3. Love this post! We traveled with our first dog a lot and she was perfect in hotels. Pid pads are great for that!

    Don't you love it when a 'girlie' store is next to a 'guy' store and you can both be happy?!

  4. Sounds like you are having a great time! Love the pics of Abbey - she looks so soft and cuddly!!

  5. Your trip sounds fabulous, Jennifer! Great that you and your husband had equal opportunities for shopping! Don't you love those 'pet friendly' motels! My only wish would be -- that there be more of them!

    Have a safe journey home!

    Robin in Virginia

  6. Love miss Abby and her.... OOPS I am caught pic!

    Glad you had a great time!

  7. OMW, what a wonderful trip you are having! Ot makes me smile to see the pics, my friend. Enjoy the rest of your trip and stay safe :) That Abbie is one lucky little gal to have the mama and dada she does, lucky indeed.

    Enjoy, peaches

  8. Hey Sherry, their prices are really better on quilts than I've ever seen. I got that tulip one, a king -size because I want it to fit big on my queen bed, for 49.00 and the shams were 9.99 each. I got 3.
    It's cotton batting too.
    I got some small pillow covers with zippers in the back for 99cents each.
    It's a great place if you want to shop for bedding.

    Thanks Gabbi, the tough guy does have a sweet heart. Most of the time he is not hard-headed...LOl
    But he does like dogs, just like me.


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