Thursday, December 31, 2009

Color therapy

I'm loving this cleaning up the Christmas decorations for two reasons. I can pack the remainder of gifts for those loved ones who chose not to contact at Christmas and release them to the Postmaster today, with all the negative energy just dissipating and also regain some order to the house. I used to blame it on the kids. Now, it's not, it's just plain me and my hubbie that caused the messiness!

I plan to spend New Year's Eve with my favorite companion and kiss at midnight. How about you? How are spending your New Year's Eve?

In a snowy bliss? All comfy and cozy?

I'm cleaning and looking throught the stack of colors on my kitchen island that collected during the holidays. Some obtained this past week and planning for Spring stitches.

BG took the tree down and now we have room. I'm going to reaarange the Dining area in a fashion that permits this chair I brought up from the basement. I got this at an auction this year and I fell in love with it right here in the family room.

I've got a glass of wine and relaxing to an oldies on a CD called "Embraceable You" and sipping on my wine in front of this is my kind of therapy besides color.

I left Thomas ornament on the snow hanger for just another month or so. He insisted this morning as he was drinking his milk and heading out the door.
Up in the stairwell is plenty of color therapy.

And soft, warm flannel cloth.

And these cats waiting for a blanket to be made for the front porch swing, Thomas's sunspot from 12noon till......5ish.
And more material to look at.

I'm dreaming of all the stitching projects with these this year, 2010.

Can you believe this came from Walmart of all places, in the town of Pigeon Forge, Tenn. where stitching departments still exist.

I can visualize spring lavender sprigs with this. Oh, I'm longing for Spring already.

I better snap out of this trance of wine and color therapy, and fireplace warmth to get ready for a date with my hubbie tonight. He is the one I will kiss at midnight and if he has his way, will shoot his gun as the usual tradition at midnight.

Anybody do that at New Year's Eve midnight?

As I write, I have my Love to Keep me Warm, song is playing on the CD in old-time radio style.......funny indeed~what will I wear tonight? Oh, this is certainly a girlie thing.

Have a great Evening with your sweetie.



  1. I'm going to kiss my sweetie tonight too!

    Have a Happy New Year.

  2. Have a Happy New Year Jennifer! May 2010 be filled with love, health, happiness and all things that make your heart happy!

  3. Hi Jennifer! I wonder if Miss Abbie will be jealous at midnight? Have a terribly sweet celebration with your honey. Mine will be asleep by 9, but there is always Skype to chat with other family members in different time zones!


  4. Loving all your beautiful colors! I've see that lavender fabric, and I think it was at walmart here in fact. :D Lovely.

    I set too many lofty goals for cleaning before the New Year, but things are still fine and dandy here. :D Wonder what my first "New Start" will be of 2010...

    Happy New Year to you!

  5. Jennifer -

    Wishing you MORE of the good this year. That includes MORE time to enjoy stitching, shopping, puppers, and of course the Body Guard.

    Here in NJ we are babysitting our grandsons (ages 2 and 4) getting ready to have a wild wild pajama party and watching "Aliens in the Attic." I can barely stand the excitement!

    When my boys and husband turn in I'll be awake at midnight to put the first stitches in a new project and having a glass of champagne.


    Sandy in NJ


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