Saturday, December 5, 2009


In the Netherlands, Saint Nicholas Eve is Dec 5th traditionally and this is when the children leave their shoes by the door or the fireplace with a carrot or hay for the horse and they will receive a present in them by morning! My husband is Dutch and he can remember doing this when he was little.
Supposedly, SinterKlaas wears a white bishops dress and carries a big book that tells whether the child has been good or naughty for the past year! ;)
Well, I guess you could say we have participated in a partial SinterKlaas Eve today as we went to the outlet stores and shopped till we dropped for presents. In between we ate chocolate covered something in between meet-ups. We both had White Chocolate Mochas with whipped cream and chocolate chip cookies this afternoon. This gave us the sugar and energy to get through the crowd at the big Walmart in Dawsonville. This one is the super, duper of Walmarts!
We lingered in the pet section of the store for a good 30 minutes, met up with a lady who started a conversation and she told us all about breeding chichi's. She used to do that and she loved them. She gave us some tips on some of their behavior issues and all, then we moseyed over to the book section and browsed through the magazines and books.
We passed many cars with Christmas trees strapped to the top today! The rush is on at the stores too!
My weakness at the outlet mall is the Ann Taylor outlet store. I honestly have an adrenaline rush when Ann Taylor has sales and they were really having some good sales today.
I even got stopped by a state patrol once for speeding and they asked me what I was in a hurry for and I told him, Ann Taylor is having a sale! It was not an impressive response but it was truly what I was thinking at the time.
So, yeppers, Body Guard went with me but we would keep meeting up at different times. He had some shopping to do too. And I think he likes analyzing all the people and profiling the shoppers in a crowd! LOL
We are home and trying to take care of the furbabies. They have loads of energy now as we are low on energy.
Hope all are having a great weekend enjoying the rush of the season or even better sipping on a cafe mocha with extra cream and white chocolate.


  1. Oh my gosh Jennifer! Thank you for the laugh reading about your response to the policeman about the Classic! I hope you enjoyed St. Nicolaas eve as we did here in Holland. We drink hot cocoa and eat speculaas on that day but then I need to no excuse for that. I just love both. :-)

    Off to read your previous post...

    Hugs ~

  2. Hey Heidi!
    Yes, we stopped and enjoyed a couple of cocoa drinks too!

    Enjoy the holiday!

  3. We're of German descent and Catholic too and we celebrate St. Nicholas' Feast Day too :)


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