Saturday, December 5, 2009

Signs of the Season

Well, it was a silent night here until Abbie started chirping a while ago. We both stayed up late to find some snow. But only a few flakes. I think the ground is a bit too warm to stick plus as I write this the sun is beaming.

Angels are among us. I just know they are and I hope each and every one of you has a busy angel today!

I did clean out more old pocket books and put more change in the jar. I'm excited over leaving this at someone's door this Christmas! I'm also excited to read those books Sandy sent me and listen to Andrew Bocelli. His voice is angelic in and of itself!
I have a busy day planned including trips to get a hairtrim and do some shopping. I really have most of my shopping done. know how it is around Christmas! There's always a place or two to stop in an say Hi!
And also I got out my Christmas cards to start addressing for tonight as well. I love to send Christmas cards out. I found a few this year to send from a thrift store. They are quite old but still as cute as ever.
So, a busy Saturday for me.............stay safe out there shopping. On the news 2 nights ago in Atlanta at one of the malls, a man dressed all out as an elf, stood in line for Santa and when he got to him, he told him he had dynamite and was going to blow him up! What a nutcase. He didn't of course after they checked his bag but he is in jail. I'm sure Santa is very nervous now.
So, stay safe out there in this season!
Talk later...


  1. Ah, Boccelli - I just love his voice! My kids (and DH for that matter) don't know what I see in him, but his voice is just wonderful. Quite a difference from all the rap, etc., I hear all the time!

    Why did you mention Christmas cards. I haven't even started on those. The tree isn't even done yet - definitely a project for today along with the outside lights. I think a lot of hot chocolate is in order.

    And yeah, what a nutcase that man is. Makes you wonder what the heck is wrong with this world.

  2. Hope you accomplished all you wanted, and were graced with a few of those angels!

  3. What is this world coming to? I am glad that man did not really have anything to carry out his threat.

    I am not going to worry about accomplishing more than hosting my yearly Christmas party for my quilt group. I already told some that I just cannot manage gifts and cards this year. I think it makes my coasters giveaway on my blog feel extra special as I can still spread some Christmas cheer.

    Hugs ~


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