Sunday, November 29, 2009

Stash Sunday

The long weekend is at a close and the night is still young at 10pm; however, I have to say today was the most productive of the days. I took all my threads and whatever was in and around my stitching chair and sorted and sorted .........I sorted and labeled and rechecked to see if I had duplicates so much that I watched 4 complete Lifetime movies with it in full spread all over the living room floor! That was 8 hours! They were back to back incredibly good Christmas movies. All with happy endings! But the first one was so sad in the middle. I cried every movie. The third one I watched had Susan Sarandon and Robin Williams in it. So, so good.

I got my Santie out for this year. I had a patient 4 years ago give me this. She painted it meticulously as a gift. She was a sweet, sweet woman who actually the day I told her of her probable ovarian cancer, just smiled and told me she would be back to give me a "Santie Claus". She did 3 months later at Christmas. She died 6 months after that. Sad story but I have to put it out as long as I can. She painted this on small gourds of some sort.
These Dutch shoes were the Body Guard's when he was little and attended the Dutch Tulip Festivals in South Holland, Illinois. I can't imagine seeing him in this..........

This is my DMC box. I use the bag system. It needed alot of attention and this afternoon I got it in order. The box was a wedding gift from BG he had made for me for my threads. It has so much sentimental value that I will always keep the baggie system to put in my special box.

Now, I can pull my colors for some stitching without having to think twice about if I need that particular color or not.

The area is quite improved from this morning. I have one basket for my stitching supplies, qsnaps, frames. and the other one has all my specialty threads in floss bags but on rings according to company/brand. One for Weeks Dye, Anchor (I never use it), Crescent colors (it's full, full), and Gentle Arts Sampler threads. This is a random thought but one day, I want to upholster this chair in a colonial williamsburg blue. Just random here. You know what, I got an estimate to have it recovered and it would be almost as much to just get a new chair? Now, this is totally off subject.........anyway.

Filed away my patterns..........the most recent ones so and put in big holders underneath to get ready for stitching non-Christmasy ones after the holidays.

And this picture is.......well, this is my hubbie, feeling better now, obviously, joking about his light he found while he was tootling around the workshop. While I was watching Lifetime movies and sorting stash, he was in the workshop. I think he might have had a pain pill here.......LOL
Honestly, can you believe I gave him this one Christmas? He loves flashlights and I was about to run out of ideas for kinds of flashlights.
He is giving Abbie a little halo here.............:0

So, are ya ready for Cyber Monday? That's what I keep reading about and hearing. I guess I will be spending mine catching up at work from 4 days off. And that my friends, is usually busy, busy with the office closed for several days.

The one true, must-see this week is the President's speech on Afghanistan at 7pm, Tuesday night. I will be there for sure in my stitching chair listening to what his next agenda includes.

I hope you have a great Monday morning!



  1. Glad to hear the you hubby is feeling better. What a beautiful box he gave to you - how thoughtful he is!

  2. I love the box that the BG made for you! What a great thing to have to store your floss in. And didn't it feel good to get your threads all organized!!! I'm still working on mine (pretty sad actually). And I hear you on your random comment about recovering the chair. It does almost make more sense to buy a new one sometimes!!!

    Love the flashlight on the BG and the halo on Abbie's head. She is such an angel even without the halo!

  3. Just wanted to say how beautiful your Quaker Christmas header picture is!

  4. Yes, it felt so good to have my threads organized again. But oh how quickly I can get them in a mess if I don't watch it! ;)

    I just realized today that I can't possibly do all the Christmas patterns I had stacked up to do by this Christmas!
    I'm really ready to start something big again. I've done alot of little projects lately.

  5. Wow, congrats to you on getting your stash organized. I didn't do any Cyber Monday shopping, but did get a few things on Black Friday.


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