Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Wednesdays are good!

Today is Wednesday and I'm leaving a short note on lunch break. It's gray, blowing rain outside and cold. I brought my stitching in a bag in the car but will not get enough time to run put a few stitches in during lunch break. I can't wait to be off tomorrow because I plan to stitch some from the Kitty Kringle Christmas pattern booklet by The Sampler Girl.

Yesterday, while I was near a quilt shop, I browsed through to see if I could find an alternative to Weeks Dye flannel that is called for in her Christmas booklet. I love the color and online it's kinda pricey if I ordered including shipping so I found a flannel the same color and houndstooth citranella green that is almost exactly like the Weeks fabric but it's another company, which I cannot remember now......Anyway..
I got a half yard for about 1/4th the price of the Weeks flannel! I was excited about that.
I had a couple of DMC colors I needed while I was there so I picked them out too. I should be completely ready to stitch tomorrow on my day off.

I did start another sampler and haven't stitched enough yet for a pic. It's Clara's Christmas Dance by The Sampler Girl. I had this one for awhile and I think I've about waited too late to stitch it but maybe, just maybe, I will be done with it by Christmas!! It has some pretty, pretty colors in it.
I also have a good book on my nightstand, Wednesday's Letters, which I started and the first chapter is sad but I know the book will be a quick read and a good one.
I'm amazed at how many responses and new people I'm meeting with the Give-A-Way! I'm so excited to see who will get these beautiful scissors and box!
Your comments have been so gracious and I do appreciate you, every one!

Well, back to work, enjoy your Wednesday and stay safe.



  1. Hope that you get a lot of stitching done tomorrow! If it's still raining, there will be nothing better than sitting inside with you drink of choice and stitching!!

  2. Glad you could find such a deal!

  3. HOpe you're having a great stitching day!


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