Sunday, November 29, 2009

Projects for the day...hmm...month

I'm pulling colors for this pattern by The Sampler Girl. It's a sweet pillow and will be placed by my Christmas tree this year. I have to get busy with it now though. It's called Clara's Christmas Dance.

Bodyguard and I always have a change jar. At the end of the year we take it to the bank and it's usually a good sum amount to help pay for a weekend trip or getaway. It'a huge jar. But my start this year is for the Christmas jar. It won't be full but maybe half by then. Christmas Eve will be fun to drop off somewhere around here.

This is an ebay find. I was ordering to put in with the giveaway because it also has scissors but the quality is not so good so I got different ones. I need to work on it to keep my scissors in.

There is thread and 3 inch banding that comes with it as well.

I have some pretty Christmas fabrics I accumlated from remnants and fat quarters from a couple of quilt shops this year. This is just a long remnant.

Remember this Fat Quarter? I'm going to first, iron! Then sew into a pillow for our sofa. I love the Dutchy blue colors and I am going to use the long remnant of red holly to go at the bottom.

Last night I started this. I emptied my sewing baskets by my chair and then went to bed..... Not a good thing to wake up to. How did this all fit in there? And this is not my entire stash but just those recently acquired items. I'm into organizing threads I've dropped in there over my last few projects, so that I will not repurchase those in particular. I found some zipper bags or just plain zip lock bags to organize my linen and patterns together, if I've already got the linen.

Here's Scarlet. She is placed in a bag with a DMC thread organizer for 72 colors. I think she has more than that but I figured this would be a good way to keep threads for her project.

At least I"m at the bottom where my q-snaps and hoops are located.

So, this is what I worked on late last night. I couldn't decide exactly what to do with this. I decided not to do it as a pillow but a little hanging and sew jingle bells on the fabric ties to the hanging and at the bottom. The back of this is all red dot material like the banding. This is a freebie design from The Sampler Girl.

So, what do you sew your jingle bells on with? Sewing thread? or Floss?


  1. I think as long as the color matches, it doesn't matter what you use, but I probably have more floss choices than thread choices so I would se "floss". That was a long way around to say "floss"!!! Can't wait to see your progress on the "dance", have an enjoyable time stitching it. Take care. Jo

  2. I use fishing line!! It is the same as using quilting thread, but cheaper (FREE from my hubby)! That is what I use on most of my finishing... This year, I want to do some 'visible' stitching around an ornie or two, so I will be using coordinating floss.



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