Thursday, December 3, 2009

A Few things to cause happy dances~~~

You know, mail can change a day from misty, gray blowing rain to sunny with just opening a package! ;)
Yesterday was a gloomy day indeed indoors and outdoors. Many, many issues to resolve in such short time but this morning after a 10 hour hiatus of sleep (which is extremely unusual for me), I am opening my mail to find this:

Northanger Abbey pattern by The Sampler Girl. This will definitely be a 2010 stitch. I'm going to stitch this for a special friend.

She had a Thanksgiving sale so I also got this piece of material, Jane Austen fabric which will back a pillow lovely for the above pattern!
And I was oh so grateful for the free chart she put in the package. Yesterday I had troubles printing it all on one page so, there ya go! Another happy dance!

yep, I'm guilty in the first degree of having too many scissors this year. Santa may leave me with a lump of coal this year for this one reason!
I got these scissors from her as well and already they are my favorite of all. I really, really liked the Tudor rose scissors which are very similar but silver in color. I know I will love these because they are shorter and will travel with me well. My fingers are small and these fit perfectly. You can pop over to her website and order a pair of these Kelmscott scissors for you or would be great as a giftie for a stitching friend.

Here's another find this week. I did a happy dance in Target when I found this. It is green frosting with the little bitty Christmas trees and other candies to sprinkle on top. Vanilla flavor. What a great find for a Christmas cake!

Pine-scented candle also from Target, helps keep the house smelling nicely like Christmas, least it counteracts the poopie pads from Abbie right now! LOL

Yesterday my dear friend at work, Debra, gave me these. She makes Dat'l pepper sauce and sells on ebay, as well as her own website. I usually get a couple of sets of 3, which she will make and cater to your liking, for gifts for family or friends.
Debra uses the Dat'l peppers from St. Augustine, Fla, where she grew up, to make this special sauce. I got a group of 3 in honey mustard, hot, and mild. If she is not working, she's making Dat'l pepper sauce. I will tell you though that if you get the Hot, it will be HOT!
Her website is:

I'm doing a little inventory on my stash to see what I may need before making a trip to the big city soon. I think I'm low on linens. I also found out that Michael's craft store still has DMC floss for 35 cents a skein so I was jumping for joy there! Everytime I think I must have every color of DMC, then I run across a pattern that calls for it. It's almost like going grocery shopping! Even if I make a list, I usually forget at least 1 critical item I needed. I know there's always substituting colors and I do that occasionally but the Virgo in me wants to do it just right, so there ya go!

But, that's what keeps Walmart in business because when I drop in to get groceries or food items, soon I'm over to every other department looking at other stuff. Bad girl! ;)

Today it's nice and sunny outside for a lovely change! That's another reason for a happy dance. I have several things to catch up with on this day off but hopefully tonight I won't fall asleep over my laptop and wakeup the next morning.

I heard yesterday that there is a 50% chance of snow on Saturday here!!!!!!! We'll see. I'm crossing my fingers! I love snow.

Well, sipping the rest of my coffee and finishing up my morning routine here.

Talk later,



  1. What a lovely pattern! I have the Tudor Rose scissors on my wish list! And great goodies - the icing looks very festive!

    We may get some snow here too - my boys are very excited!

  2. I certainly agree with you that stash in the mail can really make a dull day a lot brighter. That's a great pattern you picked up and the fabric is going to go so well with it! And the scissors - what can I say about the scissors being the whore for them that I am! LOL And I'm going to have to investigate that hot sauce - my husband likes things hot (take that as you will :) ) and I think he'll really enjoy those.

  3. Yay for stash! I also love scissors! Oh, how I do love them!

  4. Great stash!! I love stash mail! I also love those scissors, and the tudor rose, and the owl scissors.. they are all on my wish list. I gave my mom the link to Tanya's Turkey Day sale last week so hopefully she shopped at it for me for Christmas! lol
    The pine candles are a great idea- may pick some of those up as dh is allergic to real pine.

  5. Glad you're having a happy dance today!

  6. I become so happy when I get something on the mail, lol!!! you got a lovely pattern, when I see your blog, I'd like to make cross stitch (I loooooove it, but it's on hiatus right now, trying to catch it up soon) I don't have many scissors and love yours!

  7. What a great pattern! I love getting surprises in the mail.


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