Monday, November 23, 2009

So many recipes mean decisions.........

Note to self---take frozen turkey out of freezer tonight! Oh, I remember one year I forgot until the day of......not a good thing.
I'm eating bland foods this weekend and today with stomach issues but my mind is looking at all these recipes going around the office. No string bean casserole for me this week that's for sure! LOL
I know I'm having Turkey and dressing and cranberry sauce. I have to decide what else.
Bodyguard just HAS to have potatoes and corn of some sort. So, probably good 'ole mashed potatoes or I called them Smashed Potatoes for sure too.
Desert will be a cake......probably a sour cream one and also make a sweet potatoe pie.
I usually make Pumpkin pie but the southern girl in me today is thinking Sweet Potatoe instead.
Then again, chocolate sounds good too.......hmmmm....... well that seems to be a good mushy meal plan for Monday! ;)
There's just something about needing that extra color, like green beans or carrots.....yep, carrots it'll be. I saw a good soup on the Pioneer Woman's blog and may try one of those. If you haven't seen her pictures of her Thanksgiving Spread, zip over to her blog....caution......will make you want to eat alot.....almost worse than walking around Walmart!
Ok, back to work now.


  1. We have to have mashed taters. hehe
    My guy is a plain eater: turkey, bread, mashed potatoes, gravy. That's it!

    I like all the sides and variety.

  2. coming from a big family really wants me to make a HUGE spread but it is just DH and I this year So we are having the minimal basics. Turkey,Mashed potatoes/Gravy, Sweet potatoes for me. Cranberry sauce,Corn Broccoli and a pie of some sort. Sweet potatoe pie sounds good. Now as I am writting this it sure does seems like alot of food LOL.

    Did you see Pioner womans article in the lastest sounterhn Living. Lots of great recipes in there

  3. I so loved your post about the day with out power and following the sun--beautiful project and pics! I also love the fabric you used to finish it: so charming!

    I'm having a smidgen of a Giveaway on my blog this week; I'd be honored if you'd stop by in a spare moment. :)

  4. Parsley, yep my guy's a meat and potatoes man too!
    I'm serious, if we go to a buffet anywhere, he always comes back with meat and potatoes and corn. Always.
    Berit, thanks for stopping by and for such lovely compliments! I will certainly pop over to your blog this evening. I like the name, Path of Pins and Needles!
    Hey! Yes, it's so tempting. It's just me and my husband and I went to Walmart after work and finished my quick last minute stuff.
    They had some pretty small pumpkin pies, about 5 slices....for 3.00, just made in the deli, so I got one of those for us. Perfect size.



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