Friday, November 27, 2009

Mail goodies and other sundries

Well, the turkey day is over. We did have turkey last night, cooked by the Bodyguard, along with mashed potatoes, stir-fried mushrooms, gravy, crusty bread, and carrots. For dessert, we had pumpkin pie.
Ren, Raven, Ruby, and Tom all got a share of their turkey and gravy. Ren ate dogfood last night first, then ate turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes and then pumpkin pie with me and he was so full that he almost burst but he was happy as can be. He waddled, and I mean waddled ,over to his dry blanket and within seconds he was snoring loudly till this morning.
It was quite humerous!
Abbie, oh Abbie, I wanted to make sure she stays with dog food but Body Guard confessed right before bedtme that he did sprinkle some turkey gravy on her night time feeding.
We played with her late last night until she tired out like Ren.
Tom was so proud of his turkey that he purred endlessly.
Ruby and Raven ate till they were stuffed and tucked in their doghouse on top of each other to keep warm in their hay.
This morning, I slept late while BG got up at 5am to get to Lowe's for their sale. It's a man thing. Lowe's that is.
A couple of years ago we both went to Walmart at 5am and joined the crowds but that was when we still did Santa for the kids. This year, sleep is important.
Such a role reversal for him to be the one out at the sales this morning! :0
I woke up and made coffee, turned on a Christmas CD and sipped my coffee with a peppermint stick while shopping a little online. It's so much easier that way.

I didn't even open my mail for the week until last night, and I have to show you that the Vicki Clayton silks came in for A Tulip for My Love. Also the pattern.

I lit up a candle from Bessie Mae's, my fave primitive store with Body Guard's favorite fragrance, pine. This is Cabin Pine. It's smelling mighty good right now.

Don't you love silk floss? I think color is therapy for me. Honestly. The touch of softness and the color palette just lifted my spirits.

I ordered 2 packs because I tend to use more floss than recommended.

Thus, 2 of each color. My favorite of course is this blue on the right.
One little problem is that the pattern calls for 35 count Fieldstone linen. I googled and looked on all websites that I possibly could, plus ebay and still didn't find Fieldstone. I have some other linen so I may use it instead.
I'm excited to start this piece. But I have a few others now to work on for the holidays so I will package neatly for later.


  1. Pine scented candles...hmm. I don't know if I'd like that but I'm glad it puts you and BG in the holiday mood.

    I'm not shopping today but I might look at things online. I don't want to brave the crowds even for good deals. Knowing MY luck, the stores would be sold out of anything I was interested in.

  2. Wow, I'm surprised the BG was out and about so early. My DH wouldn't be caught dead doing something like that (nor me for that matter! I like my sleep too much). I love your silks - don't those colors all together just make you smile!! And the pine candles - I love that smell. Even though I feel like a real Scrooge this year as far as Xmas goes, those would probably put me in the mood!

  3. yes, the Pine is not my favorite but it is his. It smells like fresh cut Christmas trees actually.

  4. I just posted a comment and don't know where it went! LOL

  5. Perhaps you could email the designer & find out where she got the Fieldstone linen. Her name is Vilma. Her email addy:

  6. Thanks Terrie.
    I just emailed her at the address you gave and will see what she says.
    I probably will try to make do with some regular linen I have in my stash. But I don't know what count it is??? I didn't keep the label.....naughty me! LOL
    Anyway, it will be interesting what she says.


  7. Deb, BG is a morning person. I am not. He said he was chatting with another friend of his outside in line while Lowe's was opening up. I was probably sleeping soundly at that time. He's a hoot.
    I'm pretty much a night owl and he naps through the evening.
    We are such opposites.


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