Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Irony of Afghanistan at Christmas

The Irony of Christmas 2009 ---Afghanistan

The holidays are humming,
everywhere you go.
Christmas sales are beaming
from every store and more.

Online, and in person,
you can stand in line at 4
while people run aimlessly
through the storefront doors.

Don't forget to remember
the irony of it all
Christmas is simply the birthday
of the King of the World.
In this day and time our lives are filled
with rush and with pain
But always remember that there are those
that never stand to gain

A single chance where freedom is normal
and love will always remain.
Our country is in a crisis
where no one really understands
the ins and outs of what we are doing
in the other lands.

Our President is such a dissapointment
in supporting our military men
And proves that even with expert advise,
he refuses to bend.
To support our troops and our land
that we fought so long to defend.
At first, it's to be expected
to think long and hard.....but when?

Why do we have our men over there
and not in our own regards?
To what we strive to protect our freedoms
long and hard we powered.
While it only takes one president
to make it all turn sour.
Sadly we watch for 87 days
and no response to our General
I have to say, dear friends, we are in the end
because it's just so similar
to what is predicted so long ago
in a land very far away
The Holy land ,where Jesus was born
and gave us life to stay.
So, the irony of it all
is really a joke for me.

My son is over there fighting
for freedom and liberty
While Christmas is here full of presents we buy
with our money we make
Don't forget to remember the best gift of all,
the lives that our President will take.

While he makes a decision
that really is not so hard
Either get in or get out, it's simple
just don't make it that hard.

While he flaunts his wife's latest fashions
and talks about his children's grades
Our sons are over there burying their friends
in their own bloody graves.
This message is not written
to bring sadness or refrain.
It's to motivate the public
to stand up for what we gained
When we as a nation, founded this land
upon freedom, liberty and trust
We really need to be aware
of what is governing us.

I do not know the answer
when you have no leadership in front
for the men that defend our nation
and depend on answers they can trust.
So, what will you do, friend at Christmas
when all the presents we buy
Enjoy them while you can
because there's always mothers who cry.
Their best and most favorite gift
of all in life is gone.
And our president is acting
as if they are no gifts at all.
I wonder if he would change his mind
if his own were over there?
I wonder if he really could know
who he hurts over here?
I cannot bear to watch the news
that flaunts him and his wife,
While we have our soldiers in the line of fire
even into the night.
His priorities must change
this nation will see
That all our work for freedom
was a just a mockery.

While this may sound very cynical, I have to say, that every person I come in contact with willingly is in distress at the war and the indecision, the crudeness, the narcisism of this man we call our President. Presidents need respect but I think there comes a time when he is abusing his right to flaunt himself first before our country.

Every week we watch and wait on the news to tell us a decision to at least send enough people to help the ones over there in Afghanistan. Every day, it's announced he is sure it's the next week.
I think he is a smart man. I think he is purposely doing this now after a 3 month request from the General for help. Our men are dying over there because they can't get any air support form wounded soldiers for at least 1-2 hours. It's a vast land. It's a rough terrain. It's not Iraq. It's worse.

Tonight we shouted at the TV like it was a football game. Nope, not a game. Just Obama smiling and saying that one more week he will think he can make a decision.
Fact: he is not a leader.
He is an embarrassment at this point to the country. What can we do as Amercicans but sit and wait at his mercy. It's ridiculous, crass, cruel, and other words I can't say on a public domain.
And we have 3 more years of this? OMG!


  1. oh so scary.....as mom of a son who will deploy in Jan. this just makes the reality all the more real. SO GLAD he will be "home" for a while during the holidays.

  2. I have so much to say about this but I had better not. Let me just say you are not alone in your feelings on this. I'm scared for our troops and our country.

    I wonder....for those who voted for Obama...."Are you happy now?"

    I surely didn't like my choices for Pres but this man? He has something seriously wrong with him.

  3. Shari,
    I'm so sorry to hear this. It's beyond stress when they are over there.
    If you need to talk my email is jennifer.dalenberg@yahoo.com

    Hopefully, Obama will come to his senses and just bring them all home since he can't make up his mind on such a delicate situation.
    I know it's controversial and today I wondered how did I write such but I still feel the same. The man is insane. I finally made up my mind.
    Of course this morning, when I go to Yahoo home page he and his lovely bride (or whatever) is smiling like it's no stress to them at all.
    I know people didn't like Bush but there's one thing about it. He acted a bit better than this man.
    I think he knows what he his doing. It's all political. He is trying to this healthcare reform passed and then he wants us all to bow for him. It ain't happening here.
    It's really a disgrace and to read that the army morale is at the lowest, well no wonder.


  4. There's a song by Jimmy Buffett that is called the A---hole song.
    The verse says "Were you born and a---hole, or did you work at it all your life?"
    It's hilariously identifiable with him to me.
    I'm full of spit and vinager today....LOL

  5. Jennifer, thank you for your honesty and your willingness to speak up! I continue to keep those over in the war zone (and their families and friends)in my thoughts and prayers as they defend our country. I pray that our elected "officials" wake up sooner than later. And I, for one, like your spit and vinegar.

    Robin in Virginia

  6. God bless your son, and thank you for raising such an honorable and brave young man.
    I too have deep misgivings about the direction our country is being dragged into, and totally agree that the lack of a decision- ANY decision - is unconscionable and a dereliction of HIS duties to his troops.
    I will pray for you and your family and your son's safety this holiday and please thank him for his service- I truly appreciate it.

  7. jennifer...praying for Brandon and all the sons and daughters fighting for our very freedom.

    Have a Blessed Thanksgiving, my friend :)



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