Saturday, November 28, 2009

Christmas decorating today

This ornament is 23 years old. I filled it out for Brandon's first Christmas. I actually have a letter Meghan wrote to Santa the first year BG and I were dating. He answered her on it. Funny. He wrote her back that " she was a good little girl". hehehehehehee Precious.
Then another one of his right here beside it.
The village is done. It's growing alot. When all the lights are off except the village, it's really pretty.
Ren's tree has a new addition. A train that runs by battery around the bottom and boy, does it fly!
He will have to share it with Abbie this year.

New memory card for the camera! Christmas decorating all day long. In between trying to figure out what in the world is wrong with BodyGuard. He never complains of pain. He had to go to the Quick Care this evening. With his symptoms at first I thought he had a virus. But by the afternoon I knew he had a kidney stone. Went to the doc and guess what? Has a kidney stone, it seems. He feels a little better with some nausea meds and pain meds.

But in spite of this, I did get the tree decorated. In fact, the little silver tree in the kitchen is for Abbie and Ren. The village is completed. And for this most of my day was done.

Here's a few pics. Alot of our ornaments are pretty old. Some are new though. I made this ornament for Meghan the first Christmas when she was only 6 months old. 1988. The one behind it, she cross stitched about 8 years ago.

This is right beside Brandon's picture ornament.

Our new Peace ornament. And a little peak of the Silent Night piece from Primitive Betty's I stitched last week.
Next, I have grouped a Christmas Give-A-Way! I do hope you enjoy it and will post it separately. Just a peak of our Saturday.


  1. Sorry to hear BG has/had a kidney stone. I hope it passes soon...unless they can break it up with ultrasound. My husband understands his pain.

    Your place looks so cozy. I'm not much of a decorator but my house is full of love...and dogs. You're welcome to visit anytime. :-)

  2. I asked him but he hasn't yet.
    He's a little out of it right now on pain medicine.
    Thanks so much. It is cozy. Today the sun was out and 63 degrees. The inside stayed pretty warm and we didn't start a fire but that really is cozy then!
    I wish I could just pop over to your house! Maybe one day!
    Oh, by the way, same goes here too. If you ever come close to North Georgia, you must stop by!!!!


    P.S. Parsley--- Abbie and Ren said to tell you HEY AUNTIE PARSLEY! ;)

  3. Hey back to my darling Chi friends ;)

    I hope BG feels better soon. WATER him like a plant in the desert!

  4. Jennifer, everything looks so beautiful!!! The letter from Santa is precious, the older the ornaments the better. I love the stories that come with every ornament, for they bring back a memory of long ago. I am awe struck when it comes to ornaments and I could stand and stare at them all day long. So peaceful and calming to me.


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