Saturday, November 28, 2009

Assembly required

Some assembly required........LOL
My camera's memory card of course, said "memory card is full" after these pics. I will post the decorated tree pics soon when I get a new card.

Abbie looked hard at the lights and with intensity to the ornies. She has really been the best Christmas present to us.

Here's a blog site that I found with lots of freebies this morning. A French blog too. There is a translation feature as well to help because if you are like me, I know no other language but English.

click here:

I saved a few to my computer, but I have a million Christmas ornies now I could do.

Yesterday I received the Kitty Kringle Pattern Book for Christmas from the Sampler Girl in the mail and also a pair of angel scissors. I will post later as my memory card is full and the one we bought to replace does not fit my camera.

But, indeed visit her webshop for a peak at it. She is also having a sale this weekend. I promise you won't be disappointed with her talent!

Last night I put up the Christmas tree or so Body Guard did while he was in the beginnings of a stomach virus, probably the one I had last weekend. He took loads of Pepto Bismol to get the tree together. This year we had bought a prelit tree to make things simpler. He went to bed sick and I stayed up to decorate it with Ren and Abbie. 3 whole hours to get those ornaments just right. I will get pictures as soon as I figure out the camera card thingie. At first Abbie was afraid of the tree branches as we pulled them out and fluffed them. She clung to me with her ears down. Strange. But when we lit it up, she brightened up and now loves it. Ren almost laid clam to the skirt (a quilt) for napping.

I played a CD of Christmas songs while putting on the ornaments and with it lit at night and with every ornament, I thought of Brandon, where he might be and what he might be doing. I prayed he was warm and safe. I wondered what Meghan was doing. Probably studying or working.

This year on the tree, I grouped their ornaments in one area, Meghan's in one and Brandon's in the other. You wouldn't know it unless I told you but I know it when I look at it.

I added some new ornies this year, some homemade, and some from Wallie World.

I promise to take a pic soon. We had to do some rearranging but not too much. I did put it up in the dining room. I took a leaf out of the table and put where another little table use to be, then put that table on my back porch. It really opened up the room. I then turned the sofa facing more to the fireplace and my little red bench is by the front door.

Well, the BG stayed up to 4am with the upset stomach and now took more medicine and back to bed. I'm up drinking a tall coffee cup of decaf Peppermint Chocolate Cafe mocha this morning.

I have a small silver tree and other things to find in the attic today. But that will have to wait till BG is feeling better.

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