Monday, November 23, 2009

I'm Trying to Keep it Simple

I found this pretty, bright shiney red Christmas ornament at Walmart last week. It's sitting in my kitchen waiting for the tree. I love it! It's metal, shiney and has Peace written all the way around it a couple of times with zigzag cutout trees in between. I know this will look good by the fireplace at night.

Miss Abbie is vouching for peace too. Her first thing in the morning sweet look.
We almost have a regular kennel going here now!

Please ignore the safety manuals and the qsnap frame on the floor in the background! :0
But, anyway, we don't keep this kitty cubicle in the middle of the floor but tonight she played
Hide and Seek with her daddy with it. She looks like a rabbit and prounces all over the place.


He says, ok, mama's wired and Abbie's wired. Or either he's saying, I've fallen and I can't get or the other.....LOL

Oh how I'm trying to keep it simple.....that is the holidays, but caught up in the after-work Walmart-experience tonight, I picked up the few (ok, maybe, more than that) items for the rest of our week. My sweet simple menu is planned. We will be carving and carbing as well!

I got drawn into the Christmas area again at Walmart. It's like I have a magnet on my shoes and I just slip right over there dreamily (is that a word?) looking at each and every ornament and visualizing it on different trees. Strange, but the ornaments are hypnotizing to me.

I'm ready now to put the tree up. Or I should say my kitchen island is ready, because it's full of stuff I've collected to go on the tree! ;)

After dreaming at the ornament section at Walmart, then I drifted to the magazine rack and looked through all the decorating magazines and quilt magazines.........oh, I guess for about an hour. Yep, that's put one in the mood for Christmas decorating really quick.


  1. Our little Snuffy loves her kitty hut but it has openings on two sides for a quick escape.

    Have a great time setting up for Christmas. I'm not ready yet but after Thanksgiving, we'll get a tree and start.

  2. Jennifer--I follow your blog and so many times I have wanted to comment but I am always in a rush to go out the door... Right now, I just finished 'finishing' 4 ornies and my yearly Breast Cancer Awareness piece. Unfortunately, I really should have saved the BCA piece until tomorrow because I WAS tired... Now, it looks awful...all crooked... I am bummed. HOWEVER, I just read your latest blog piece and it took me right out of my sadness and put me in the Christmas mood again. I am not always ready for that, but YOU are inspiring me this year! Earlier than my norm, but it is good cause we only have a month to get it done! So, all this to say Thanks for the inspiration! I enjoy reading your blog!

  3. Maggee,
    I popped over to your blog and your stash is impressive!!! Wow!
    You are so organized!
    You are so sweet! I am trying to keep the Christmas Spirit. I think I skipped over Thanksgiving this year....LOL
    Seems like Thanksgiving falls late this year.
    Hubbie promises, just promises we will do the tree tomorrow night.
    I've got to move around some furniture first....or he will be moving it.......I can't life heavy stuff. But by this weekend, I hope to have it done.
    You have a blessed evening and thanks again for your sweet comment.

  4. Yay Jennifer!

    Enjoy your decorating kiddo :)

    Hugs and high fives!

    Maggee...that was a very nice comment, I agree with you :)

  5. I know what you mean about hypnotizing ornaments. I pick up two or three every time I go out! They are just so darn cute! And I have my second (retro) silver tree that I have just started a collection for, so I have a long way to go. The traditional (red and green prim) tree is packed.

    I believe if your tree can't hold any more ornaments....just start another one!lol


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