Thursday, August 6, 2009

Stitching Progress and Mail Goodies

Berry pick'n is over and the sun is setting in the North Georgia Mountains. Ren is heading on to his blanket for the evening. For me, I'm a night owl, so this is the best time of the day, from now until midnight!

I'm spending lots of time looking at my new goodies I got in the mail from The Sampler Girl! She had a summer sale recently and I couldn't resist it. Can't decide what to stitch next. It's almost like Christmas when patterns come in the mail :0

This is the Ohio Quilt Posey Pinkeep. I stitched one of the Ohio Quilt Poseys from one of the booklets this summer but I got this (with the summer sale of The Sampler Girl) and when I first saw it, I knew this was going to be one I wanted to stitch. Pretty colors. Plain and simple. I just pulled the colors from my stash tonight and substituted Pomegranate for the DMC rose color. There is a story of why I picked this one next that I will share with you when I complete it.

Here's a few others, along with one of the booklets that's always chock full of fun stitching patterns!

The Blue House Sampler is a really cool sampler verse. On her website she wrote this verse which appears on this sampler~~~~~
I live in a cottage and yonder it stands
And while I can work with my honest hands
I'm as happy as those with houses and lands
-sampler verse, 1811
Isn't that sweet?

And finally, this is my stitching progress I just pulled out of my stitching case. This is Jonah's Hornbook from The Sampler Girl's booklet. I tweaked the row I am on now because I had to make the circles symmetrical.....I know that's nuts, but that's the Virgo in me! Just a couple extra stitches......
I am on the last row of A-E-I-O-U and the whale. The blue color is so pretty! Went by a thrift shop to get the jute for the trim on the hornbook and then will put together (cross my fingers, hopefully) tomorrow night. I'm holding my breath that the design is not too big for the hornbook I have. But, I don't think so. I'm batting back and forth the idea of tea staining it. Why? I don't know. I have these flighty thoughts sometimes ;)
Take note of the scissors, these are called the Love scissors because the handles are like hearts. I really, really like them. I used them last night and today with much delight! They fit my fancy as there are alot of hearts in our house.
Ok, now I have enough patterns for about 3 lifetimes and I need to get busy stitching instead of blogging............I have enough now at least until the nursing home........LOL (honestly, this is a joke as I hope I never go to a nursing home) Anyway, hope you are having a stitchy cool summer evening tonight and
stay safe,


  1. Wow! Where shall I start, first your home is more than beautiful, the rooms always look like a magazine, and your progress is great, you and Miss Jane have the most perfect stitiches I have ever seen. Your goodies are so neat, I think you are set for a while and what a contented sigh you must have exclaimed as you went through the contents of your mail. I am so excited for you, I hope you just really enjoy your treats and take the time to sip a cup from the percolator while looking at each one :)

    Hugs, Jennifer

  2. oh, rats! I forgot to mention that I love your new banner....I have the same planter, but it is a coffee ad theme :)

  3. Thank you, Karyn!
    I won't show you my laundry area though....LOL
    Miss Jane's stitching site is so gorgeous! Man! I know which one you are talking about. I think she has the best camera as well. Her pics are so clear and her stitching looks perfect!
    One day, I will get me a better camera so that I can get better closeup pics.
    Yes, in the mornings, I need a cup of coffee the size of this planter!!!! LOL

  4. Your new stash looks great! That was a wonderful sale from the Sampler Girl. I have had the Ohio Quilt Posey finished for awhile. Just need to "finish" it. Hope to see your finish soon.

  5. Great stash haul. Must have seemed like Christmas when all those goodies came. Love those scissors too. I just picked up a pair of them - why? Don't know except that anything with hearts usually grabs my attention. Great progress on Jonah - can't wait to see it all put together.


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