Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Fun Day with Dot

Here is my friend, Dot. My best friend. She is the most spirited, positive person in the world. We went to the Chinese Restaurant for lunch and afterward took a stroll through a gift shop. I got a co-worker a birthday gift there.
Dot is the woman of wisdom. She is fun to be with, and makes me laugh and just have fun!
Dot has a been there, done that attitude with the experience behind it. Look at her with her matching flip flops and shirt! LOL

Her favorite phrase is "OH MY LANDS"
I feel its a blessing to have her as a friend.
I hope you all have that special friend who you can talk to, enjoy lunch with, and share life.
We have those heart to heart conversations that some folks are just not comfortable with.
She never had a daughter, has 2 sons and really thinks of me as a daughter. I need that and she needs that and so we have a good time together.

1 comment:

  1. Everyone needs a Dot indeed, and you are so very lucky that you have the original ;)

    I am so glad that you two gals had a nice day!


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