Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Progress on Jonah and a lazy morning

Woke this morning by the sound of the phone and that usually jars me tremendously with Brandon being in Afghanistan.

After I woke and said "hello" in a very sleepy voice, I heard my friend Dot, who is almost 76 years old and energetic as ever, proceed to tell me that she had been up since 7:30am and ordered dishes out of the Penney's catalog.......3 sets mind you........and planned our day today............our day........Bless her heart, she called me last night and found out today was my week day off and she has been thinking where we could go for lunch since then. She wouldn't tell me last night because she is a firm believer in not making plans! LOL

But I had an inkling she would call back today.

So, after she talked about all the restaurants we could go to in a 40 mile radius then I was happy she decided on a more local one, as commuting to work every day will bring out the homebody in anyone!

I'm up and perculating my coffee and guess what I see when I peep out the front porch window? Look at this sweet cat. I was surprised the pic took through the glass but it did. He is the sweet baby in the morning and the lion at night. LOL

Now, this is the dog's pallet we got for them a while back. Its a whopping 50 inches but Thomas laid claim to it and its been his ever since. This is one of his front porch spots and he will just swat at Raven and Ruby if they even think they can use it!

My breakfast of Blackberry Pomegranate yogurt, to tide me over until the big lunch in a couple of hours. This is the first time I tried this flavor and its pretty darn good, minus the seeds.

This is the best sight in the world when I wake up.

Hmmm, wish you were here and I would pour you a cup too.

Here is my progress on Jonah. I had to frog the W and do over again; otherwise I"m well into Part 2 and should be at the finish line soon. Can't wait to get to the blue whale!

Well, I better get up and Adam here and get ready for lunch. If I have just half the energy Dot has at 75 then I will be just fine! I'm sure she has some words of wisdom for me today.....we'll see. Will talk later!


  1. Your friend Dot sounds like so much fun! Enjoy your lunch :)

    That's the exact brand of yogurt I buy...and between the 3 kiddos and hubby, we go through a couple dozen a week!

  2. Hoping lunch with Dot was fun, and wondering where you two ended up :)



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