Monday, June 22, 2009

Sewing Classes

Well, I'm at lunch break at work now.......thinking about a sewing class tomorrow night. It's a basic class and part 1 is tomorrow night, part 2 is next Tuesday night.

If.....if I can pick up my sewing machine, then I am planning to go.
Supposedly with this basic class, I will make an apron!
I'm still contemplating a sewing machine. A little snag in the fix is Ebay. I have sold some stuff on Ebay and can't decide quite yet about which one. There seemed to be a mix up with Paypal and Ebay due to an email address change and for that little reason, I'm becoming good friends with tech support at Ebay! 1 hour conversation last night with someone about it. But, when all that is straightened out and then buyers can pay me, then I will have exactly enough for a basic computerized machine.

I am clearing out a work area in the basement and hope to make it my "studio" to give me more elbow room when stitching, put all my stitching supplies in one place (besides the kitchen counters) and just a little hide-away and escape after a busy day at work.
There are two birthdays in the family this week. Tomorrow my hubbie will be....hmmmm.....better not say but going on 30. LOL LOL
Next week, Meghan will be 21.
So, best to get back to work now...........

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  1. Good luck with the sewing class. AND getting ebay and paypal straightened out.
    I look forward to all the lovely things you will sewing on your new machine. :)


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