Sunday, June 21, 2009

Peddling Through the Weekend

I measured a frame that would be suitable for my On the Shore piece by The Sampler Girl. I found this after rummaging through a couple of seconds stores. Measured right. I will dismantle the existing aida fabric 80's piece and use it to frame my piece.

The quilt shop which is conveniently located right by the shop where I get my haircut was beckoning for me to drop in. I got a few fat quarters.

The Sampler Girl's companion booklet 4 came last week in the mail and I have pictured the fabric she has to go with one of the pieces. This is my lavender sack that I put in the bag with my floss on the current project. When I unzip it to stitch, my floss smells heavenly! Really.......lavender is supposed to be relaxing........therefore this weekend I had to really inhale it.

Here is a pic of my next project that is in the Companion Booklet 4. The weather right now is fitting.

Overall, here is my stitching progress on the Sampler Girl piece, On Any Shore With You. I
have never mismeasured on the fabric before like this!
Look at how close to the on the edge here.........

Therefore.....I have to put some fabric around the piece before framing.

Here is the fabric I chose from my stash~~~~~

All this, of course, was rewarded by a visit to Pizza Hut today. The best pizza in the world........close to Chicago pizza.


  1. Looks like a great frame :)
    I've had to use fabric around one piece that I didn't measure right on...and in fact I think it "made the design"! I just piece all around and bought a frame so that the material could show...turned out wonderfully!

  2. Whoa! That was close! Glad it worked out. ;)

  3. Love the frame. And your stitching is great. I like the one you are working on now. And I think we have all done what you have. I know I have a couple that are sitting in my finishes bin waiting for me to figure out what to do with them. :)


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