Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Summer Around the House

Clearing of the trees has made a new spot for a workshop for BG. We have new wood now for woodburning next Fall, not this year as it has to dry out a year but will split soon and put in the wood pile.

We have so many trees that I would love to take some more down but not right now.

Our Labs, Raven and Ruby cannot be still. Just cleaned out the refrigerator and they love to get the leftovers of the leftovers! Tonight they had an old leftover strawberry pie I made. Can't believe we didn't eat it all but anyway, they had a good dessert. Raven (my dog) is hyper as can be and in constant motion. Ruby is on the right (BG's dog) and usually reserved and cool. We are dooddling around the house now after eating hotdogs and baked beans, fresh tomatoes on the back porch. Love country life! We skipped our usual 2 mile walk tonight.

Yesterday was the longest day of the year. I believe it! And when it's still light outside, it's hard to settle down for the night. But winter will come soon enough and we'll miss these days.

Hope to start on a new stitching piece tonight. I showed a pic yesterday, sampler from Tanya Anderson's Companion Booklet 4. I will settle down and catch up on the latest world news. We are thinking of Brandon all the time. I don't know if they get any Internet access in Afghanistan but if so, hope he knows that alot of people are praying for him and his safety. Again, thanks to all the friends who have told me they are praying for him. I'm sure his guardian angel is quite busy right now.
Well, off to cleaning and then settling down for some stitching with world news............................
hope you are having a great summer evening!



  1. Out here in the dry west, I'd run out to stop anyone trying to cut down a tree. We have to coax our trees through dry winters and beg them to return in the spring. What a difference.

  2. Hey Jennifer!
    Your ON THE ANY SHORE... finish is great! The sampler verse was from a sampler dated 1802 thus the date...yours is great!

    I so enjoyed seeing more pics of yours house. That porch is grand.


  3. We have really enjoyed the porches. There is only 1 side of the house which doesn't have a porch. The back of the house has a screened in porch which is good too.
    When we first bought this house, it was blue, dark blue and black shingles. We have done alot to it in the past 8 years.
    The next big project is painting the porches....again....


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