Saturday, June 27, 2009


Today went pretty breezy. I started the Sampler Girl's Hot Weather piece from her Companion Booklet 4. Will take a pic tomorrow of the progress. Tonight I came home and fell asleep from 7-11:30pm from pure exhaustion, this is definitely not the norm for me as I am a night owl but I'm almost ready to go to bed again, hoping tomorrow is more energizing.

Hubbie ordered his shop building today and we are excited about it being here in the next 2 weeks. It will be painted same color as our house with a red metal roof, 10 x 20 building, where he will house all his guy things like workshop tools and stuff.

I'm having trouble finding any TV channel that does not have Michael Jackson, blah, blah, blah, on it. I have such mixed feelings about him. I guess I shouldn't voice my opinion in a public domain here but honestly folks, this is a child molestor. I know, I know, I liked his songs too and back in the day, his songs provided lots of dancing and fun but in the past few years the guy has demonstrated bizarre issues and his child molestation charges kinda took the excitement of him away. I do not have any level of appreciation for child all.

I'm surprised America is treating him as a king now with his perversive ways. Again, his music was great. Person.......hmmmmm.........

I do hope that the news deviates from the continual Michael Jackson blah, blah, blah, back to the Afghanistan War where real heros are dying for our country. I think the media needs to line up priorities. However, like Elvis, I think we will be hearing about it for a very long time.
Well, I'm almost becoming comatose myself, yearning for sleep here. So off to bed......again.
Have a great weekend.!


  1. Sounds like you needed a good sleep! I know hot weather does that to me. Yesterday I planted flowers and I about expired in the yard for the humidity.

    I agree about the news. Enough is enough! It's sad but sad on many levels. I watched some of Farrah Fawcett's video replayed on NBS last night - now that's sad!!! Sadder still that she and Ryan O'Neal didn't get married in time before she died. But yes, the media is biased when it wants to be on everything.

    Rest up and have a great weekend, despite the heat!

    ps...would you believe my security question below is press!!! Too funny considering the post.

  2. I also have mixed feeling about Michael Jackson. I have been watching all the Farrah documentaries.

  3. yes, I saw parts of the Farrah stuff on TV before she died while she was fighting the cancer and that is really sad. She did have alot of strength to endure all that treatment.
    I had heard about them wanting to get married the day before I heard about her death. I wasn't sure if they had married or not.
    I remember back in the day we all tried to have that Farrah hairstyle and Charlies Angels was one of my favorite shows! LOL

  4. oh, Tanya, that is sooooo funny about the security question of Press. Wonder where they pull up these questions?


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